The workers were willing.  

The rewards were great.  

What I learned was to photograph the garden "before and after." Unfortunately, I was too busy digging out roses to have thought it through properly.   Well, that's my tip for the next person who reports on a rescue.  That, and save room in case they made desert.  Mmmm... plum cake.... 

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  • Well I came home from Lissa's GV all enthused. We stopped off and bought  our Tomatoes for Ishmail's Potting Medium experiment.

    Today planted out Tomatoes, Parsley and Sweet Basil. It is amazing what a little water & loving will do. The Chillies are all in bloom if not covered in Chillies, and Vegies I didn't even know I still had growing are popping up.

    I have done a big rake up and wash down today as well so everything is looking fresh around the Kitchen Herb Garden Area. Thanks to Roz clearing out a lot that had overgrown it made my job easier.

    I am taking baby steps but with Graham's help with the heavy work I am sure I will get it all done now that I have you all behind me.

    • We did the same thing, Dianne, I am a bit like you and I am fortunate to have Ian to help.  Those little plant name signs you have are great, may I ask,  did you make them.

      • Hi Christa, Yes I did make them or rather Graham cut them and shaped the wire for me on the hanging ones. I painted them and wrote on them with a paint pen which will last a long time.

        I am an old Nursery Industry Person and just can't get away from the plants being named. It also helps others and children to learn the names, as well as ME remember what I have planted where.. Because the wooden signs have a limited life span of about 3, 4 years I am now using slate signs, that way they will last as long as the paint pen stays on and then I can get it off with Turps and write on again. If you have a handy man and a tile cutter you can buy slate tiles pretty cheap to cut. Hope this helps

        • Thanks Dianne, I will give it a go.  It is a good way for Ian to learn the names of some of the plants.  If you don't label cuttings etc asap, it is easy to forget.

  • See Dianne's BLOG HERE.

  • 34637468?profile=RESIZE_1024x102434637526?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024I have written a little Thank You in the Blog section, I would have written it here first  had I seen Andrew's Report.  It looks like I burned all the food but be assured it is only well caramelised. Again Thanks so Much for a day well spent.

  • Well done to all of you who attended. Dianne is some cook isn't she!

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