Tasty Chicken Dish

One of the downsides to commercial chicken meat - and that includes free range organic - is that it is virtually tasteless. It needs some help and I love fruit with meat so have been experimenting.

Prunes with Chicken is fine, as is Lemon Chicken. Standout so far is Grapefruit and Chicken however weird that may sound. Anyway the recipe - it's very free with quantities and whatever cut of chicken meat you prefer. I do 'casseroles' in the wok.

Chicken cut into bite-sized pieces, dredged in flour, wheat or non-wheat.




Grapefruit peeled and cut into bite-sized pieces

Onions sliced/chopped in whatever sizes you prefer

Fry Onions with Garlic and Chilli in oil of choice - add salt; put aside

Fry Chicken pieces a few at a time - I can get 8-12 pieces in the bottom of the wok; put aside until all are partly cooked.

Put back the Onion mix, add the Grapefruit and then the Chicken and Mint; add salt.

Fry gently until done.

Keeps well and is much more tasty at least 2 days after cooking. Just re-heat gently on a stovetop or microwave. Add cooked jacket Potatoes and greens of choice.

Seriously delicious.

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  • Sounds great but grapefruit and blood pressure meds don't mix well.  Will have to stick to lemon or orange.

    • Interesting. Elaine takes some stuff for blood pressure and so far, she's not been affected.

      • I find that interesting too - everything you read tells you don't have grapefruit if you take BP meds, its even on the leaflet in with my tabs.

        • It may make a difference if you are taking whatever is specifically affected by Grapefruit. I suppose there are several different types of blood-pressure medication. I should say with Elaine that she only has the Grapefruit as part of a vege and fruit juice and now with Grapefruit being part of a meal. That's precious little Grapefruit in reality and we're not likely to have more unless some turns up in another juicing box in the future. So really the 'jury is out' on the interaction of Grapefruit and blood pressure medication.

  • Cool! The Grapefruit turned up in the organic juicing box. One went into the juice and the other ended up here.

  • I like it! another way to cook Chicken and you know me, I am the Citrus Lover so any new recipes are gratefully accepted. I will have to try it sometime. As a matter of fact I am planting a Red Rio Grapefruit tomorrow, will be a long time off producing though.

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