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This weekend, I was supposed to be heading to Bali. Obviously I'm not. So, rather than let the time go to waste, I'm getting organised to the months ahead. We were also supposed to be going to Japan in May, but that's a post for another day.

I was already receiving a delivery of mulch and fertiliser this weekend from the local scout group. So, rather than waiting until I get back from Bali, I have been sorting through my seeds, to look at what I can plant on the weekend. I have some more seeds on the way via mail order but don't think they'll arrive until next week.

This weekend I will plant my one precious tomato seedling. I was hardening a punnet for planting but a savage attack by a possum two nights ago means I'm down to one! There will be some lettuce, pak choi and beetroot as well as planting out a couple of small eggplants. I am also going to create a frame to plant some malabar spinach. Wish me luck!

What's your next planting?

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The best thing about planting seeds into seed trays is the time saved. I try to plant seeds out a month before I think one crop is on its way out.
I usually get good germination in seed raising mix and keep it covered with a hessian sack to stop them drying out. As soon as they pop I uncover. At the moment Ive got pumpkin(20 on one vine),chilacayote ,zuchs,cucs,beetroot,snake beans, kale,radishes and eggplants in the garden plus perenials. In the seed trays have cabbages(red,sugar and tokyo) , snowpeas, brociliti,silver beet, various tomatoes and capsicums, bok choy and spring onions. A good place for cheap asian vege seeds is Yuens market at Sunnybank or their wharehouse at Archerfield, packets are 2 bucks and twice the seeds of normal packets plus I still get good germination from them.

Problem with some seed packets is only need a small quantity of plants and  expensive to buy if going to not use like eggplants and need to get in early.

I just compare the cost of seeds to produce. If a packet of bok choy at worst is 5 bucks. It doesnt take many plants to be ahead. Plus I have seeds that are a year past due date and still get 50% germination.

A packet of seeds from seed collection ranges between $1 and $1.50. I have yet to find seedlings at that price (and variety)

sounds delish!!

Hi Fiona, Sorry your trip to Japan is off, Ours to France is now postponed till same time 2021, here is a link to the Tour, it is run by the fellow who taught me how to make Cheese.


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