Hi all.

Hope you're all coping well during the CV pandemic.

I am looking for a source of XANTHOSOMA brasiliense or Tahitian Spinach/Celery Stemmed Spinach.

I can buy it online (the link) but it's a bit expensive with postage. Can't remember for sure who I gave my plant to but think it was Cathy, but if anyone else has it growing and can spare some I'm willing to pay.


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  • Lissa, I went up the backyard and took a photo of what I thought was a taro plant but it may be what you are looking for.  You are welcome to come and dig out a couple of pieces for yourself if it is the right one.


    • That certainly looks like it Christa. I'll PM you :)

  • Hi Lissa, Good to hear from you, Christa's Puppies aren't puppies anymore though no one has told them. Did you see the photo on BLF site of them going shopping for doggie plants in Bunnies, it is worth a look see.

    • Hi Dianne 

      Found the photo. They've grown into a pair of cuties. Nice to see them on an outing with Mum and Dad :) 

      Oh for a good dog to love and be loved by! Miss mine.

  • Hi Lissa, Good to hear from you. I bought one of those plants years ago after seeing yours.  That link has them and I would buy one again but you have to order $50 minimum.  I purchased about 3 different taro as well and only have one growing now. They have made it hard for a person who only wants one thing.

    We are still plodding along, Ian has moved everything around in the drums, some like more shade or sun or half and half.  Do you still grow vegies etc.?

    • Hey Christa (and Ian) :)

      I have no garden here, just a few things struggling along in pots. Sambung does really well, Warrigal Greens did great for a while then died off, the Chaya struggles along in a large pot and something enjoys eating it as much as I do.

      I have a little covered back porch and tried growing greens there without success. Not enough sunlight. I have buckled and filled the pot with decorative Alocasia which is actually what got me interested in the Tahitian Spinach again. I reckon that will grow just fine under these conditions and it was always a favourite of mine. 

      The owner of the nursery that I live in the midst of is going to look out for the plant for me. Eventually I can take a drive to Yandina Community Garden and buy it there. When all this CV crisis is over. 

      Kiss your puppies for me and both of you stay well and healthy.

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