Sustainable Property For Sale

Something a bit different on sale South Burnett:

Sustainable Property For Sale

120 selectively cleared acres, 25 minutes to Kingaroy, 15 minutes to Wondai, in the South Burnett, Queensland. Landscaped with bird attracting natives. Fully fenced and includes internal paddocks for house cows/horses.

Secluded four bedroom quality owner built rammed earth home with numerous sustainable features.

Large shed, 2kVA grid fed power system, 27,000 gallons rainwater tanks to house, 2 dams. 40+ established fruit trees, fenced vege patch and chook run all set up with irrigation from dam water.

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  • Read similar properties for sale in both Earth Garden and Grass Roots most of them sound so wonderful I wonder why they are selling. Why are these folks selling? And what makes it 'sustainable'?

    Years ago there was a fad word 'affordable' now that fad is 'sustainable' with no more information about what they mean than the 'affordable land at Raby Bay'.

    • Maybe a better description would be "potentially self-sufficient"?

    • Apparently they need to move closer to family.

      Ahh, sustainable. One of those words that get bandied around a lot, like "permaculture". Catch phrases that have a connotation but perhaps little real meaning on occasion. Not to say that this lovely property isn't "sustainable", more to say that sustainable is in the eye of the beholder and you would have to go have a look.

      • One definition of 'sustainable' is that nothing is bought in from outside. Almost impossible for a suburban block anyway.

  • Wow! It is tempting.....

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