Picked up a brochure from one of the council’s library on last Friday and it is the seminar listings on Sustainable Living from May to July. I thought this may be of interest to some of you, so I will just list them in one discussion ~ (too time consuming to enter each as an event) The brochure said to call council on (07) 3403 8888 to make a booking, but apparently they didn’t have all the information at the call centre, so you will need to give them the library/date/time and they might have to ring the library itself to arrange for the booking.. of course if you have your local library’s number, you can call them direct ~ All of them should come up as “Sustainable Living seminar” in their search Sustainable home and community gardening Mt Cootha Library Sunday 10 May 10:30 – 11:30am Sustainable edible gardening Toowong Library Saturday 23 May 11 am – 12 noon Grow local, eat local Garden City Library Sunday 24 May 10:30am Sustainability in your own backyard Nundah Library Saturday 30 May 10am – 12 noon Natural phenomena of Karawatha Forest Sunnybank Hills Library Tuesday 2 June 2pm Sustainability in your own backyard Indooroopilly Library Sunday 7 June 11am – 1pm Solar Cooking Sunnybank Hills Library Thursday 11 June 6pm Bellis: Lessons in sustainable living Wynnum Library Saturday 13 June 2 – 3 pm Organic gardening Sunnybank Hills Library Thursday 18 June 6pm No-dig gardening and composting Mitchelton Library Saturday 20 June 10 – 11 am Propagating plants from cuttings Garden City Library Sunday 21 June 10:30am – 1pm Aquaponics in the suburbs Sunnybank Hills Library Thursday 25 June 6pm Organic gardening Mt Cootha Library Sunday 28 June 10:30 – 11:30am Adapting home and botanic gardens for sustainability Mt Cootha Library Sunday 19 July 10:30 – 11:30am The brouchure include the names of presenters of each seminar and a short description of content too ~ maybe I should just scan it next time... can't find this brouchure online...

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  • I've been to 4 (23 May, 7 June, 11 June,13 June), and am pretty happy with them all. Albert's particularly impressed with "Bellis: Lessons in sustainable living", Jerry have successfully captured his attention more so then others..
    He didn't recognised him as one of the hosts of Gardening Australia although I watches it at his place often ^^

    I didn't see any familiar faces, did anyone go to any of these seminars yet?
    • Not yet, but I am really hoping to get to one of the ones this weekend.
  • I am thinking of going to the workshop at Nundah library on Sunday 30 May.... anyone else going?
    • yes as im just down the road .
      • If nothing unexpected turns up, we should be able to attend the Nundah one this Saturday, would be good to meet you Trinette, and to see you again, Chris!
    • I've booked the one on 7th of June at Indooroopilly~ You probably don't need to book as they didn't check whether I've booked or not in the last workshop at Toowong, but would help them be prepared for the numbers such as making sure there's enough chairs, and whether the meeting rooms big enough.. They used an open area rather then the meeting rooms possibly because the number of people booked wouldn't fit
  • ooh yay, you beat me to it! ;D
  • Went to the "Sustainable edible gardening" at Toowong today ~ It was a much greater turn out then the speaker, Morag Gamble, expected. Got a packet of tomato & basil seeds from the council. Morag have brought some of the plants from her garden, and I got a little piece of tumeric & Yakon out of there ~ Hope they will grow ~

    I will make the June seminars proper events later tonight.
  • I found an online version but only for May - http://whatson.realviewtechnologies.com/
  • great, thanks Florence
    I'm going to add them all as events
    cheers SJP
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