I've made an entry in the July Garden events of the same suggestion, but it didn't come up in the activity list. So I am making a discussion. I’ve got a suggestion to make follow on from Donna’s Green Harvest post, but didn’t want to add confusion to the already big thread. As our group’s getting bigger it seems we can’t really do what we did in the first few meetings where we asked everyone whether they want a particular seeds. Also, sometimes there are offers of excess produce or seeds posted on BLF, and I think I saw someone offered Jicama seeds, and I couldn’t find the post anymore when I decided to give it a try^^ I am sure similar things happen to others too. So I thought maybe we could set up a special discussion every month, possibly in the Brisbane Seed Savers area (since it maybe easier to find with less activities there) with the following information contribute by members:- - What’s planted and what’s harvesting (I think Scarlett & Donna have mentioned this before) - Excess produce to share - Saved seeds to share (including cuttings & tubers etc) - Wanted seeds or plants These then can be shared at the monthly garden visit/seed savers meeting, and any produce or planting materials not already pre-claimed can be placed into a box or table for sharing. If there’s any leftovers on the day, the garden visit host could bring them along to the next meeting/visit they are going to if they choose to. What does everyone think? This process has a lot of room to refine & improved, it’s just what I can think of now…

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  • I will open a discussion next month in seedsavers group and see how we go :)
  • sounds great. there's a discussion forum section in the group - sounds like it would be ideal for this sort of thing. you can close discussions off when they're done.
    you can send out a message to all group members reminding them that the meeting is coming up and to read the discussion maybe?
  • Hi Florence, I think it's a good idea. A new group for the info might be easier maybe, just trying to think how it could be done.
  • This sounds like a great idea. Although I am new to the site, I find it difficult to trace comments. Having said that, when I'm looking for a comment I read so many other interesting ones along the way :)
    • yes it can be tricky. the discussions are listed by activity which helps in tracking things down.
      in your SETTINGS area (top right - Email tab I think) you can tell the site to follow discussions etc that you have replied to - then it will send you an email with a link which is useful for keeping track. Mine all get filed in a separate folder in my inbox until i get to them, which stops them from being annoying in the inbox
  • Great idea Florence. Im sure we will get it more organised the more meetings we have. I love it:-)
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