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Wanting to buy some plants, seeds and cuttings. I don't have a huge budget so am only looking for a few of each type and will start saving seeds again. I live in Redcliffe and travel to the city for work.

I am looking for the following
Tamarillo seedlings or seeds
Tomato seeds cherry and large
Mixed lettuce seeds
Basil, parsley and other herb seeds
Comfrey roots
Snake bean seeds
Luffa seeds
Smallish pumpkin seeds
Chilli seeds
Corn seeds
Passionfruit seedlings
Sweet potato cuttings
Aloe Vera
Any other must have edible or beneficial plants

Also interested in compost bin and worm farm.

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Hi Donna,

I can certainly help you with many, many seeds as I have a very good seed collection here. You are also welcome to any cuttings out of my garden. I have 2 weeks ago planted out many Mustard Seeds and Asian Greens they are now up and I can help you out with those.

Only thing is I live in Ellen Grove, so you would need to come to me. This week end I am free, but next I will be recuperating from an operation I am having on Monday.

Welcome back Donna :)

Are you still at Redcliffe?

My Tamarillo aren't fruiting at the moment. Down the track you are welcome to seed. You are more than welcome to come visit here at Strathpine and take cuttings of whatever. It's a good time to be getting them in.

Elaine can help out with the Comfrey no doubt. 

Thank you both, and Elaine who has already offered some comfrey and cuttings.

Yes I am in Redcliffe, sorry Ellen Grove is a bit far for me at the moment. In between working and being a single parent time evaporates fast!

That would be awesome Lissa, it would be great to see you again.. Brendan is seven years old tomorrow.. I remember postponing my delivery date so I could go to a garden visit lol

I see that the garden visit are still going, I would love to host one preferably on a Saturday to get advice and ideas.

The house has a lovely huge staghorn if anyone knows how to separate. it won't be long before I have seeds to swap again!

1; i sent a self addressed stamped packet to two members and they posted me the best seeds ever -

2. have lots of sweet potatoes 4 varieties but probably only 2 available yet - we are near Dayboro ... lots of others things here to grow from cutting - only I am in Perth at the moment ( back 7th Oct) so let me know if you want to come out - Hubby  will know where everything isbetter than I do anyway hubby doesnt computer much so I will have to arrange time ... he potters when i am at work ! so moves things etc!  

3. Do you mean small fruit or small vine for pumpkins - some of the squash baby green hubbard, little gem, spaghetti, sweet dumplng or tatume  may be better than small pumpkins - my experience with pumpkins is yu think you are growing one sort and the bees cross pollinate and you get all sorts if others around you are growing pumkins too ! squash trellis well and dont take up nearly as much room - pumpkins do trellis but you have to watch they dont get too heavy ! 

Ooh I would love seeds for localised little gem squash. I mean I don't heaps of space so no large pumpkin Vines. I am happy to pay for postage as well as the next persons... I still have the email address from when I had my own seed saver network.. hoping next year I can Start again

That sounds wonderful Donna :) Lots of good people here, many new to you, willing to share.

After you I ran the GV's for about three years until Dianne offered to take over and she is doing a fabulous job. Message her from this link or visit the Garden Visit group and contact her there about having a visit.

This weekend is good for a visit here or the following Sunday. Send me a PM and we'll sort out a time that suits. Bring a bucket :)

Thank you, I am still moving but will contact you soon x

No worries Donna :) When you're ready. Good to see you keen to start your garden again.


None of my tamarillos are ripe enough yet, but I accidentally broke a large branch off my tree today. I turned it into several cuttings, but it's too soon to tell if they'll make it. 

I'll be happy to give you one if they survive!

I've also got several of the seeds you are after, as well as sweet potato.

Will you be at any of the G.V.'s coming up? Otherwise, I'm in Ferny Grove and I could meet you somewhere in between.

I have shared care of my children with handover alternate noon weekend days which makes it hard to plan.. I am hoping that I can get to one soon!


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