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As my little whinge about no posts on BLF since Andy flew out to Europe, we've had some interesting input. Which deserves a proper place on the Forum rather than just the 'status'. So I have copied and pasted the posts and deleted the original.


Hi Elaine, Don't feel too lonely. I have been so busy in the garden that I just am not finding the time for anything else. Fertilizing and composting Day today, and it is a big job. Hope to post soon..Dianne

Cool, Dianne - you put me to shame a lot of my pre-spring jobs are still coming. Like Christmas only a bit before. (Elaine)

What are everyone’s pre spring jobs? This will be my first spring gardening so I’m a bit behind. (Sid)

Dianne has definitely been busy in her garden, I have seen the results so far and I am sure her GV will be worth the visit.  Ian has been busy in our garden, he works hard, his mother would be proud of him. 

Sid, we have planted some spring flowering annuals and topped up our wicking beds with soil mix.  We have covered bare soil and taken cuttings of perennials for future plantings.  Last but not least we have been out doing a rain dance in order to fill our water tanks, but no-one is taking any notice. (Christa)

Christa you really are a hoot, hope you had your clothes on this time whilst doing your dance. Elaine you are a marvel you have done so much over the years, you deserve to take it easy and the jobs will wait.

Sid, early in Spring I like to get my Fruit Trees fertilized, and dare I say it Fertilize my lawn. I also prune any straggly bits off my Citrus and trim to shape. I put down plenty of Mulch being careful not to take up to the trunks of trees. It is also the time I re pot my Herbs, plant annuals and bright perennials and herbs for the Butterflies and Bees. I put in any Vegetables we eat a lot of and every 3 weeks plant again so as we have a good supply. I find that early Spring is also the best time to tidy up and re pot Capsicums, Chillies and Plant out Tomatoes. We also Cover Fruiting Trees to guard against Birds, Bugs and Fruit Fly. I love gardening. (Dianne)

Dianne I never would have guessed you love gardening ;-)

My spring jobs are very similar. Topping up the wicking beds, adding compost and minerals. Pruning the Dragon Fruit (I've already done the Figs) and getting in some spring-summer veges eg Soy beans to eat green. (Elaine)

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Since over the colder months my mulch supply line petered out (as it does every year) I chopped back some of the  Vetiver hedges and threw the cuttings on the beds...after (I should add) strenuously weeding them 'cause weeds are opportunistic in the absence of a good smothering.

I sure did commune with the soil. Inch by non-metric inch. Crawling. Hands and knees. Even lying down.Pull and scrape and drop.

I went places no man has gone before...sort new life where none was supposed to be.

I also strung together some more ladder trellises for climbers -- trying to predict their continued growth with the warmer -- and hopefully wetter -- weather.

I now have spaces I can plant out. Just as soon as the seedlings come on, I will.

As I say,'A kitchen garden is all the food that can fit.'

My offspring's new house purchase availed me of the option of obtaining their throwaway cardboard packaging which I used to pave the pathways. Which, of course, I decorated with selected pulled weeds.

No Yellow Brick Road here.

I also planted out the last of the native hibiscus cuttings I had struck but then realized that I could have planted  more seed types than I actually did...and maybe I sewed too many of others.

But then, there is always the school garden ... and from hereon in -- for a couple of weeks at least--  I'll have it to myself. Plant the cucumber and the watermelon seedlings. Give 'em a good start before the kids return. Give the sunflowers a hurry on. Surprise them with the Hyacinth Beans. Keep the tadpoles happy.

In the meantime, my garden is such a fly way. Birds too-ing and fro-ing. Nesting season havoc and competition. It's like an amphitheater. Instead of tiers of seats the trees border the arena.  The avian demographics have shifted...and much of that has to do with changes in the garden itself. 

Pleased you moved these Elaine as I was thinking the same thoughts as you.

I have been (mostly) bedridden since diagnosed with disk bulge. Not allowed to sit or bend down. I'm still allowed to walk around so I do my little tour of the garden and harvest what I can reach. Loads of mulberries and cherry tomatoes. Hoping to get better soon though as it is very frustrating to be stuck and my numerous seedlings won't make if I don't plant them soon.

Would you like some help planting Valerie? I’m not a great gardener yet but with direction I could at least get some seedlings out for you.

Oh you lovely people!!!!  I had hoped to share some community gardens from Madrid, just like I did from Paris.  So far, I haven't found any.  For a country that loves its food and prepares it so well, it's a desert in my part of the city. My Rozie and I head for Toledo tomorrow, but that's on account of my fascination of all things medieval.  Toledo is famous for its steel. 

Mark has my quails to care for, the rest of the tiny farm is under the management of the (adult) kids.  I'm not too worried.  There's only a few fish that haven't been eaten, the bees care for themselves, and the fruit trees should survive anything except a major disaster.  All else can be replaced fairly quickly.  Big Bertha was broody when I left.  With a bit of luck, she won't hurt anyone too badly.     


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