Well we are going to have a go at Sausage making at home.  Ian has not done this since he left for Vietnam War.  I will be his assistant, wish me luck.  We have just purchasing some butchers gear and fillers and we have both natural and collagen casings for the sausages.  

We should be able to have some Tomato and onion, Herb and Garlic Italian Salsiccia sauages and my favorite is Worcestorshire and cracked pepper flavoured sausages.  

Not to cheap to start off with, but we will halve the recipes or we will end up with a freezer full. We have to purchase about 5kg of pork to use for a half of one recipe. 

The proof will be in tasting. 

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  • mmm!  Onya Ian. 😁

  • Good luck with it Christa

  • We are so pleased to call you both amongst our closest friends. Truly we can't wait to try the Fare of the Salumist, Yum!!! 

  • Don't forget your bestie!!!!!  I'm even happy to be a crash test dummy. 

  • Wow!  Hope you'll bring some along to a GV for us to try.

  • Yummy! Have Fun!

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