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Has anyone tried this product and can give feedback:


Slasher Weedkiller is a Registered Organic herbicide that rapidly kills weeds, moss, algae and lichen.  Use it in gardens, paths, driveaways, around buildings and as a spot spray in lawns. It works quickly to easily control weeds the organic way!

Slasher Weedkiller is a non-selective contact weedkiller.  Thorough coverage is needed when spraying because any parts you miss won’t be killed.  Take care when spraying around your favourite plants as any spray drift will also damage them.  Do not apply to wet weeds or if rain is imminent as the extra moisture will dilute the spray and weaken its impact.


  • Kills weeds, moss, algae and lichen on contact
  • Rapid action, desiccating plants within hours
  • Doesn’t require heat or sunlight to work
  • Can be used anywhere in the garden and around the house
  • Active ingredient made from plant oils (GM free)
  • No lasting spray residues (100% biodegradable within a few days)
  • Glyphosate free
  • Safe for pets and children once dried on foliage
  • Registered Organic for use in organic farms and gardens

Slasher before and afterNOTE: Do not spray on porous surfaces without spot testing first. Slasher Weedkiller may cause discolouration on porous hard surfaces like pavers and bricks.

Active Constituents: 525g/L Nonanoic Acid

Nonanoic acid is also known as pelargonic acid and is derived from plant oils.

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Keen to hear experiences ... although el cheepo Vinegar not diluted, does work well on grasses but is not effective on broad-leafed plants.

I featured this product when it was first released and I have found it has excellent results on all weeds or rather plants that have no stems (it will not kill weeds or plants with a stem of colour other than green). It works on the green and does kill the roots, leaves no residual effects (my experience anyway). I would certainly recommend for using on paths and in the garden etc. A little goes a long way on a fine targeted spray.

Good to know Dianne :)

I was actually thinkng of getting some yesterday so good to know

Finally after a lot of delving through almost-impossible-to-read text, I find that 70ml to the litre is the right dilution.

There was a Facebook group discussion around this recently. It was mentioned that it shouldnt be used in the same spot regularly as can lead to salt residue build up. Did any of you come across this sort of problem?

Haven't used mine yet.

Interesting. I've been meaning to get some to do the driveway but will all the rain, haven't bothered. Would be keen to know more about people's experiences

I have used this on weed grasses and found it to be effective. It works quite quickly, and when I used it with a low pressure spray, I was careful not to spray the good plants, and had no problem with it. I used it early (before seed set) on Khaki weed which sets seed as burs and can spread around using your mower wheels, etc . This was very effective, but timing here was very important. It works well on general broad leaf weeds and grasses. Quite expensive for the area that it covers, but as it is the only organic product that I know about, I will continue to use it.  

Excellent, thanks for the report Roger.  Now that the sporadic rains seem to have paused, might do this weekend

Thanks Roger for the feedback. Now all I need is a garden to try it out on!


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