Backyard gardening aint enough.The kids lead us forward in the face of denial.

More info and resources HERE.

Queens Gardens, Brisbane
Corner Elizabeth and George Streets.

BLF should put a contingent together...but finding one another is sure to be hard as Queens Park will no way be big enough.

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  • The reality: Speaking at the United Nations, Greta Thunberg blasted world leaders for their inaction on climate change despite the looming environmental crisis.

    • Yep, and predictably the trolls are coming out shooting the messenger.  

      Seriously though, it seems like there's a big group of people energised by the numbers on Friday's marches, another group of people trolling, and another group sailing along as though nothing is happening.  

  • As September 20 unfolds across the globe its dynamic is that of a game changer in that it DEMANDS action on climate change through the collective voice of millions.

    It may have been led by schoolies but its impact, support base and network is much broader.

    I remind folk what the demands were of the schoolstrike:

    • No new coal, oil and gas projects, including the Adani mine.
    • 100% renewable energy generation & exports by 2030
    • Fund a just transition & job creation for all fossil-fuel workers & communities.

    To that end unions and businesses signed on in support-- including teachers unions.

    While a few may regret that the event occurred and children got uppity en masse, the pressing reality is that this is but a beginning of a much more urgent, militant and broader campaign in the face of  government denials and inactivity.

    You aint seen nothing yet.

    I'm no stranger to activism -- like 50 years of it in my cv -- but this is THE issue none of us will be able to avoid taking a stand on.

      • Fund a just transition & job creation for all fossil-fuel workers & communities.

      This is so important and regional communities are paying the price of decades of lack of political leadership.  It's so much easier for populists to stir up resentment about environmentalists than to admit that they haven't done their job of anticipating the changes needed and managing the transition. 

      • I love you, team. That's all haha.

    • I agree it was a game changer.  

      And for the schoolies it is all an excellent education in active and engaged citizenship - which makes the crocodile tears about "brainwashed children" and wails about them missing out on a day of school ruining their education so ridiculous.   

  • Not good they are brain washing small children for there political agenda  the earth is not going to end any time soon.

    • No but a large portion of species are likely going to find their ability to survive heavily impacted. Including ours. That's generally not seen as an ideal situation.

      • That's right.  The earth is not going to end any time soon.  It will carry on without the stupid little humans who refused to acknowledge or address the mess they were making. 

        Given the choice of believing the vast majority of climate scientists (and anyone who thinks scientists are doing it for the money knows SFA about money and academia) and believing the deniers whose main method of argument is ad hominem abuse followed by repeating the lines given to them by the fossil fuel lobby and the politicians who use it as a political tool, I'll take the scientists' view any day.

        Really good to see the numbers of people turning out today.  Now it has to be followed up by action on every level including governments, businesses and individuals.

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