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Ripe Near Me is a new-ish startup based in Adelaide but rapidly growing a following right across the world.

Basically its a web app that lets you post and find homegrown food for sale, swap and share.

Here's the link to the site:

So has anyone used Ripe Near Me? How did you go?

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Maps can become very crowded, sometimes to the point of being illegible even when made bigger. A pain to me anyway. Just add the suburb in text when it's relevant to a particular post.

lol hint hint again.... a map would be cool! showing what we got, to share, sell n swap, and roughly where location's are [not exact location] ...

hey Farina, it wasnt about people forgetting to add their suburb to their post, it was me not know where they were talking about lol, where at least if i took a quick look at a map, i could say "a-ha" and knew where everyone was, without having to google, google, google, everyones suburb heehee

Yep Ripe Near Me are currently conducting a crowdfunding campaign and need to raise another $10,000 in 3 days to reach their goal $25,000. They don't get anything if they don't reach this and its hard to see how the site could keep going.

What they're saying is that if every one of their existing users could contribute $25 they'd reach their funding goal and could develop the site to a useful level.

Here's the link:

At the time we published our crowdfunding page the figure of $25 per member was correct. It was/is no exaggeration, though I'm not surprised that you find it hard to believe. The user base has grown quite a bit in the last 40 odd days so the $/user ratio has lowered since, though our total spend as grown.

There are actually almost no bugs left on RipeNearMe (I know because I've spent a lot of time eliminating them ;), but there is a lack of online help and documentation. When we launched the site our video was sufficient explanation.... Now its not. We're half way through creating a "help centre" that will explain how to use the site, and why.

Sorry that you've found our site tricky to use, Lissa. As mentioned in another comment we're working on a help section that will assist in learning the terminology, buttons and functionality. It's really very, very simple once you get the hang of it - like anything you learn the first time :)

Subscriptions work a little different to private messages. When a person subscribes to your eggplants they are opting to be notified when you mark them ripe, or when you post a comment to your eggplant listing. They don't necessarily want to buy/swap/collect your eggplants now. They could be "saving it for later".

To contact someone directly, you would click "Send message" -found on the listing page and also the person's profile.

There is no fee to use the site - it's entirely free to use. We are, however, crowdfunding to make some major improvements to the site.

Regarding your question: "What happens when the item is no longer available? We go back in and remove it?". Every listing has one of two statuses; ripe or growing. By default when you add a listing - say mangoes - your mangoes are set to "growing". When you have excess to share you simply change the status to "ripe". When you run out, you set it back to "growing".... The reason for this is because it allows you to keep your mango tree listed on the site 24/7, and collect subscribers. Your subscribers get an email when you change the status to "ripe", meaning that you have buyers/swappers lined up at the time you need them.

OK WOW! the more ive looked over the last few days, the more i find that others have try to do this map location of food, whether thats its a garden from farm, or home, a shop front, a seller, a buyer and swapper... there a few maps out there heehee... the most pretty and the most ease of use that i can see is 'ripe near me' and  ... i actually wish that there was just one map, with just australia on it heehee. {save on GB being loaded on my computer and on time having to move from its fixed location to Australia} .. as ive noticed when you head to the website's they all start you off, somewhere over seas, so you have to drag your map, until you get to Australia or you have to locate it by using search bar...    ....     I DO LIKE THE LOOKS OF THIS ONE! it shows a lot of what's in parks.

and there a few others all over the WWW but from the looks of it haven't kept up with their own apps and no activity for months or years! and a few sites that no longer exist. 

Here's an article about the site that explains it quite nicely:

I really like the platform and the idea, but do understand that there also needs to be an incentive to revisit the site to update your listings - here on BLF the discussions keep people coming back.

But who knows what's possible with a larger number of users? With more people in your local area, you'd have more traffic to your listings and would receive more inquiries and notifications as a result.

Personally I think anything that encourages people to grow and share their own food, make an effort to reduce food waste and connect with each other is worth supporting, whether there is crossover with BLF or not - people have widely different preferences for how they like to engage with things and at the end of the day we're all working toward the same outcome.

Good on them I say (as I remind myself to update my listings)!

Hi everyone, I'm one of the co-founders of RipeNearMe. Great to see a lively discussion here about it! I'll do my best to answer some of the issues and questions raised here. 

My feeling is that we are ALL better served by fostering local community markets. 

What's  more 'local' than that?

My exploration of US developments in urban farming  suggests that the local market is more productive than online exchanges.

On the one hand is organic farming which is an industry subset...and you can do that on a massive scale such that the supermarkets have an organic section nowadays supplied under contract and backed up by expensive certification protocols. And you can have broad acre organic grains...

..and you have "local' which is really very specific.Living in Ipswich and travelling cross town to buy produce is Caboolture ain't 'local'.

I think Ripe Near Me misses the point despite , what may be, its retail utility.

Seriously, does anyone believe that "your neighbours' are gonna subscribe to your plants online? 


The Sandgate PCYC market garden does the obvious  and runs local community stalls...and is now tuning over around $200 pw...

..and you meet with and relate to your 'hood.

Dave, the thing is that RipeNearMe is fostering local community markets. And the evidence suggests that people are in fact subscribing to neighbour's plants. There's room in the mix for multiple solutions.

Are people still using Ripenearme? I have a few people registered in my area by there does not seem to be much activity. I really like the concept but getting people to engage is a challenge.

I personally haven't been on the site for maybe a year. They don't send emails anymore.


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