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Ripe Near Me is a new-ish startup based in Adelaide but rapidly growing a following right across the world.

Basically its a web app that lets you post and find homegrown food for sale, swap and share.

Here's the link to the site:

So has anyone used Ripe Near Me? How did you go?

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I joined and had 3 swaps within the first week! Our chillies were the biggest drawcard :) 

see thats awesome! ;-) 

Using the site isn't all that clear and easy. I've just found how to contact the person I'm subscribed to ( it's Bernadette from BLF, so I may as well just chat to her here).

The person who subscribed to my eggplant listing - which had to be shown as "free" even though I wanted to swap (not sell) - has never contacted me. No doubt having the same problem.

And what is this discussion about paying $25 for the privilege of using the site? So far I don't seem to have been asked for money apart from the Crowdfunding appeal at the top of the page. I have had four different crowdfunding appeals put to me in the last week.

What happens when the item is no longer available? We go back in and remove it?

I recall registering and being flummoxed about what happens next.

There's a lot of calls for our $s for the worthiest of causes. Sign a petition and next thing there's a begging email. Understandable but a bit wearing.

To make things work, editing the listings would be necessary especially when the sites get better known and are more active than they are now.

O no, my worst nightmare - has happen to you Elaine! "i feel for ya"

i do hate that when that happens, dont get me wrong, i love giving, im always giving whenever i can! ... but it really gets on me goat, when what Elaine has said above! happens! {LOL what a mouth full}  GGGrrrrrrrr 

i think the site owners were saying that it cost them $25.00 per member, to keep the site going ?? {which is hard to believe, because if you check out how many members to the site they have, from overseas, it seems a bit of a exaggeration } .... all in all the site is good idea, a great idea! - once more members are on board im sure it would be great, but until they work out all their bugs and make the site a lot easier to use! than just maybe it will appeal to everyone and lets hope they keep it free!!! or it will just turn folks away... 

i do remember having chat with charlotte and Donna, about getting a map on BLF that can show who's got what in what area, with whats growing in our gardens, to make it easier for swap, sell or trading here and seed swapping here but Bing, does not provide such a program on here... so :-( 

Don't know how it is started, but Google maps probably could be useful. There is, for example, a 'free food from street trees in Brisbane' Google map. That's not its real name, just forgotten what that is.

Possibly someone on here (hint, hint someone younger!) could take that on and if we had a Group there would be a link to the map. Then each of us with something to swap or sell or give could put a pin in the map and post to the group.

Food for thought perhaps?

We already have a "Buy, sell, swap" section. People use it quite well.

The trouble with adding stuff to a map is that folk need to go in and update when it's no longer available....and my experience tells me that won't happen.

Good ideas need to be actually feasible.

The updating applies whether it's a general map or a specific one; whether a 3rd part website or just our swap section.

One of the things we'd like to do with RipeNearMe is create a suite of tools and magic behind the scenes that automates the updates for users, so that listing accuracy is maintained as well as is possible :)

We mentioned it under the "Listing accuracy, expiries and reminders" heading of our page.

lol the only really reason why i asked for a map on BLF, was because i was for ever, having to look up, where everyone was, for a swapping and dropping off and for all the events! so i thought it would be so much easier to see, O thats where Elaine lives, O thats where Donna lives etc etc all on one page, instead of having lots of website tabs open... 

"Hint hint" lol!

What about if we just suggest that when putting up a "buy, sell, swap" listing that people try to add a link to the general location (not specific - we don't want people's private addresses broadcast too widely on the internet) on a google map to help others out?

I can add that to posting instructions pretty easily.


Important note about adding photos:

Always add photos using the "From my computer" option, even if you are on a mobile phone or other device.


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