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I follow a blog called HIGH WATER of a young gardener, Rod, who owns a property on Lamb Island. Rod re-posted this on his site - I found the bit about mushrooms particularly interesting.

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Pineapple would be better putting in  a pot in a shaded place  i put 2 under a grapefruit tree in the ground and then had to dig up to replant  where in the pot would be less damage to the roots and move to final planting place to harden off .

The tops where left for a long time before planting this did not seem to be a problem trimmed back the dead parts of the leaves.

The pineapple plants when transplanted did seem to suffer from the heat when transplanted  but are going well in the heat..

Putting in water and they could rot.

Yes there are other ways of doing all of the above Jeff. We each have our favourite "rules".  I personally just stick pineapple tops in anywhere in the garden without trimming off all excess fruit, and they grow just fine for me.

I would have thought leeks and green onions would rot using the method above too.

I did an experiment with 4 similar pineapple tops at the same time - the one in a pot in the shade looked greeniest but was definitely the smallest. In the ground in part shade looks the best. In the ground in full sun (inc hot western sun) grew well but is dry coloured. There you go
So far I've tried this method (growing from scraps) with success with beetroot, silverbeet, celery, pak choy and lettuce tops :)

do the same Sophie - add parsnips turnips etc to the mix as well - same method as beetroot ! personally i just use potato peelings with eyes  planted - most usually come up ! 

Peelings with eyes! - now that is a radical concept for potato growing (in my mind at least!). 

Planted potato peelings in cooler weather with success  tried to do over summer  and only got two very tiny potatoes from 16 plants  the heat and wet weather made the plants sick planting whole potato may have produced stronger plant or could be futile planting out of season  .Have some Carisma washed potatoes may give them a try only purchased a week ago and full of eyes now  if trim off the eyes and keep for a few weeks the weather may cool down enough.

Let us know how it goes Jeff :)

Sometimes the peeling come up if I put the scraps directly into the soil. Have harvested a few fruits.

The weather and soil pH have a great deal to do with successful Potato growing here outside of their comfort zone. The weather probably has more to do with them growing well than even pH or nutrients.

Hi Mary anne regarding those spud peelings how thick are they,do you just whip them off with a normal peeler or cut off with a knife to get more flesh with it.Its  interesting that it actually grows.Im with Lissa on this one hard to believe but definitely worth a crack

I've never grown a pineapple in a pot, must give it a go - all mine are in the ground and have a pineapple growing on one of them.  Last time the fruit rotted, how do I know when the pineapple is ready to pick????

Around 6 months from when the fruit appeared  - when I remember, I write the month on a leaf - and the stem bends over. The leaf will come away from the fruit whether ripe or not (so I have been told by a fruiterer) and the smell is always the best indicator. Rotting on the plant ... so far so good, not met that one. Most of mine do best under 30 percent shadecloth or dappled natural shade. Don't know how the commercial crops get along in such full sun!

The hoopla this guy goes to for increasing his plant stock is just a tad over the top. I do strip off the lower half-dozen leaves on the Pineapple, exposing the embryo roots. They will transplant well when needed but do best when placed where they are to grow in the first place.


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