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I love quinces and they only have a short season (right now down in the cool southern states) I am hoping someone knows where I can purchase them here in sunny Brisbane so I can bake some ruby slices for desserts and make quince paste to enliven a cheese platter.

I planted a native quince last year and am hoping to see some fruit from it eventually, nothing at the moment as it has struggled, it died right down in the dry (thought I'd lost it) but since the last rain it is bushing up so there is hope.

Thanks in anticipation ...

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Apart from the shops, there's none that I know of locally. It's too hot here to grow them, but I believe they grow on the Granite Belt.

They are available through the Rocklea Markets - organic ones through Eco-Farms and United Organics.  Perhaps you could request that your local fruit shop get some in for you?

I would offer to get them for you, but as you live in Brighton, maybe Samford is a bit far to travel to satisfy your hankering for quince??

What is native quince?  Is it anything like its namesake?

Thanks for the info Jodie, will ask the local fruit shop to get some in as I haven't found them at the ones I've visited.

Guioa semiglauca (SAPINDACEAE) Native Quince

A thin orange flesh covers the seeds, it is revealed when the outside capsule splits open, they are quite small perhaps 1cm and I have not found anyone who has eaten the flesh.

When I purchased it I wanted another bird attracting tree, I was advised that they love the fruit and that bees and butterflies are attracted to the honey scented white flowers. That it had the common name of a favourite fruit was a bonus.

Crisp on Creek in Mt Gravatt, and Rock and  Roll Deli in Greenslopes both have a good selection and carry quinces in season (and lots of other good things, like fresh turmeric, yams etc you can plant) but I'm afraid I don't know anything out Brighton way

Recently bought some from market at Eatons Hill  (Sundays)

Saw them today at Coco's at Deception Bay.

Thanks Elaine, are they still $8 kg? I gave in and picked some up some blushing beauties a couple of weeks ago from Coco's at Rothwell. I was told they all come up from Sheperton Victoria.
Should have brought them back from the ACT last month but I only went down on a short visit to see a sick friend so I only had carry on luggage :(
At the local Pialligo orchard they were $5 kg and $2.5 for seconds.
Hi Nina, Thanks for that, how much did you pay for them?
I gave in and picked up some blushing beauties a couple of weeks ago from Coco's at Rothwell for $8/kg
I was told they all come up from Sheperton.

I didn't check ... not being in the market for them. They do not grow here on the coast, Stanthorpe district and further south would be the place they'd grow. You can get 'low chill' stone fruit but not low chill Quince. Nothing quite like Quince jelly/paste except maybe Rowan and they don't grow here at all but then Lilly Pilly has a similar tart/aromatic flavour. So on reflection, there are local substitutes.

Coming late to this, but where can we get lilly pilly recipes?  I have a few CWA cookbooks, the classic one has a few jams, but they seem rather plain to me and I've never tried them.  Have you ever cooked with lilly pilly?

As my post above, there's similarities in flavour. Rowan, Quince, Lilly Pilly are so aromatic that there is no need to add other flavours beside some sugar to make them palatable. You can use those fruits as a puree or pie/tart filling or in chutneys perhaps (never tried that one!). The flavours are strong and distinct and adding Apple or similar blandish fruits for bulk is around all I would do.

Thanks Elaine - I'm intrigued.  Tasting them raw is off-putting - cannot imagine a full-flavoured jam coming from them.  Not a fan of rosella jam for same reason.


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