I promised myself I'd duck down to the aquaponics/hydroponics shop to see how it had progressed. And, so I did:

Initial impressions: It looks so much fresher on the outside now!  Inside looks much bigger as well but the new arrangement allows for a lot more product than before.  

Owners: are Chris and Shiran.  Chris was out doing a system install but Shiran was kind enough to waste 10 minutes on me. 

Range: is very good.  Lots of complete systems, both hydro and aqauponic. Lots of new products. Shiran showed me a new device which monitors your temp, ph, amonia, nitrite and nitrate.  It'll even text you if it goes outside of the safe zones!  How good is that?  

Community: I can only speak very highly of this shop's desire to create a vibrant community.  The openning of their community garden was very well attended with around 70 people. People are able to help themselves to the garden crops and are only asked to "just take what you use."  Better yet, they offer free workshops!  The next is how about the different sorts of filters that can be used and how to build one.  It's on 27 September but you need to book as the carefully limit the numbers. 

Their website is www.aquagardening.com.au

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  • I popped by one day when a friendly chap asked me what I wanted to set up. I had a little chat with him before he finally admitted he didn't work there, he worked at a cafe down the road and was setting up a system there....he said the owners will really look after me and were great. I guess if a customer is willing to try and sell to another customer, that's a pretty good review!

    PS Don't have the capacity to set something up just yet but one day!

  • I popped over for a visit also on the opening (?) day last weekend. I had my 4yr old grandson in tow and we got no further than the stationary crowd sitting around outside, taking up  all the shade and chatting. He promptly fell over and hurt himself, I had nowhere to sit and comfort him, so we left after a quick peruse of the outside.

    They seemed to have some nice little systems for a fair price but that's as far as I got. Such a busy road to try to find the shop and parking. I'll go back one day for a quiet look on my own.

    • Hi Lissa, please accept my apologies that you couldn't find any seating, we tried our best with the tables and pallet arrangements for the space we have. It was hotter than we expected too which wouldn't have helped. Shiran and I would be more than happy to show you around on another day when you are available.

      Guest on the Community Aquaponics Garden Opening Day.png

      • No worries Chris, it just wasn't a good day for me and the boyo. I'll come back for that quiet look on my own one day. You had some nice variety in systems worth looking at.

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