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I am heading back to Brisbane in the coming weeks and wanted to get people's thoughts on a dilema I had last year.  I grew a pumpkin vine, which was very healthy and flurished, it came up with lots and lots of male and female flowers and I had plenty of pollinators (I have two native bee varieties living at my house amoungst others) and I also hand polinated several times. The plant was in full sun and good soil and got fairly regular waterings.


A few of the pumpkins would start to swell but before they had even 'pumpkinised' (started looking like pumpkins) they simply died (just turned to mush).  I eventually got one tiny pumpkin out of the whole vine, but even that died when it was very very small.  The vine was fine but I just couldnt get pumpkins.  Any ideas?



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This sounds like it could be caused by blossom end rot, this is usually due to a calcium deficiency which can be treated (without affecting the pH) by applying gypsum.


I will try that! Fingers crossed it is something as simple as adding some gypsum, I was worried it might just be me : )
It is often a question of adding Calcium and Magnesium together and while I've used a lot of Gypsum there has been no real results to show. Scarlett (?) suggested Dolomite which is Calcium and Magnesium. It may change the soil pH but is reputed to be the more active of the two available forms of Calcium. Give some consideration to also adding minerals - either as a Chelated Trace Element mix or as rock dust.
I think I'll give that a go too, as I havent added to many minerals into the soil since arriving so that could be it. Thankyou!!!
was the vine kind of yellow looking rather than dark green? your soil could be too acid - in which case the calcium becomes unavailable. dolomite is a good bet to fix it. you can get a pH test kit from nurseries.
Not that I recall, but I will keep that in mind this year and if it is I'll be sure to give that a go too (I have a ph tester kit so will need to check everything when I get back) - but thanks for the thought.
I added quite a bit of gypsum while growing zucchinis this year, as I was having the same problem as you described with your pumpkins.  I reckon it worked as I got lots of lovely zukes before the powdery mildew finally took over.  But, could also just be that it rained less than before.  Who knows.  Or maybe my supreme gardening skills.   lol.
Oh, it most definately must be the supreme gardening skills! Its good to know that it worked for you Tracey, hearing positive results is always a good thing!
I had the same problem last summer.  Following this advice I will definitely keep the gypsum handy this summer (if it's to be as wet as they're predicting).


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