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Not a lot of information on the website but it does seem to be Australian, perhaps focused on the southern states and their growing condtions.

The reviews are good so might be worth a look.


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This was started by David who sells the original stackable garden pots, now copied by big shop chains. His newsletters are quite informative. It is linked to a shop selling all kinds of interesting gadgets for gardening.

I love the tomato spiral and the watering wet pots.

Yes, David Borthwick from Manly, Qld. Bought some 'above-ground beds' from him years ago and those stackable gardens. Here is a link to the magazine which is only available digitally. There is a link on his general website for a sample copy of the magazine and I've yet to figure out how that works.

Response from the magazine:

Hi Lissa,

Yes, we are based in Brisbane, Australia and are working at bringing on
contributors from all Eastern states. We also have lots of engaged readers
from other countries, hence we chose to go with the dot com domain name.
There will be plenty of tips that are easily applicable regardless of
geographic location.
It is available in several formats including ipad.
It is also available for download in PC, Apple or Android versions from

Hope this helps.

Happy harvesting,


Productive Gardens
PO Box 5419
Manly, Qld, 4179

Office: 07 33936396
Mobile: 0400 339356
Productive Gardens Shop
Productive Gardens Magazine

Got my sample copy. It's tricky for the learner, but navigating with the Flash thingy works alright once I got a handle on it. It doesn't scroll with scroll-bars but with an electronic hand, it's just details I'm not used to. The text can be increased in size which means a lot of scrolling side to side but it does work and can be viewed with comfort with some tweaking.

It's well-illustrated and wide-ranging and has items of more or less interest to suit a wide range of readers.

Recommended to get your sample and decide if it suits. At least you won't end up with a heap of magazines attracting paper-munching beasties.

Aha - got a handle on this digital mag ... I use the arrows to get to the next page and to scroll up and down. The software automatically takes me to the top of the next page - I have found the zoom and have made it a size I can read comfortably but then the page is too big for the screen, hence the need to scroll. The magazine is professionally produced, wonderful photos and content to suit the beginner.

Hi Elaine,

Is the sample copy the $2.99 mag or is there a free sample, if so can you tell me how to navigate site to have a look. Thanks.

It's not easy. Go to the Productive Gardens site and look down the left side navigation - going to the magazine site itself is not much use. The sample is just that - a freebie. I'm not totally sure now how I found it; one thing I did was email to David via the PG website and he sent a link for a further freebie - it's a few days ago now and other events have overtaken what happened with this magazine.

Thank you for your help. Hope to see you both here in December.

Hi All,

Thank you for your interest in our new Productive Gardens Magazine. After sending out a monthly email newsletter to our subscribers for many years, I decided it was time to take a next step and publish an edible gardening magazine.

It is a bi-monthly, digital only magazine, optimised for the ipad but we also present it in other versions suitable for Mac, PC and Android as well as an online reader. The beauty of a digital mag is that we can embed videos and direct links for a more interactive reading experience. 

I recently sent an email out to our newsletter subscribers offering access to check out the latest November issue at no cost. I would also like to extend this invitation to any Bris Local Food members who would be interested.

Here are some ways to get free access:


 Click here to view online


Click here to download the Mac, PC or Android versions   You just need to go through the checkout process but when asked for a coupon, use the free code pgmfree47 to remove the cost.


Click here to view on Ipad   Download the App, Click “Current Subscribers”,  Use free code: pgmfree47

It's only early days (4th issue) but from all reports, it's being well received. I also want this to be a people's magazine where you can have an input on what you'd like featured, reported on, tested etc. In each issue we'll also visit a Brisbane edible garden as I think we can all pick up some good tips by seeing what others are doing. So, if you'd like to have your garden featured in an up coming issue, just let me know and we can have a chat - it doesn't need to be immaculate, just productive!  

I hope this clears up any confusion about the magazine and I hope you enjoy.

Happy harvesting, David

Productive Gardens

Easily downloaded from the App Store for all smartphones. I only ever look at these things via my phone :)


Important note about adding photos:

Always add photos using the "From my computer" option, even if you are on a mobile phone or other device.


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Vetiver grass helps to stabilise soil and protects it against erosion.  It can protect against pests and weeds. Vetiver is also used as animal feed. (Wiki.)

GrowVetiver is a plant nursery run by Dave & Keir Riley that harvests and grows Vetiver grass for local community applications and use. It is based in Beachmere, just north of Brisbane, Australia.

Place your business add here! ($5 per month or $25 for 9 months)

Talk to Andy on 0422 022 961.  You can  Pay on this link

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