This video by the prince of plinias Adam Safran shows some really deep pots for small trees. Thought those folk goofy for garcineas, estatic for eugenias or psycho for plinias would enjoy it, yes you Christa!

Watch "How To Get Your Plinias, Eugenias, Garcinias to Grow Big Fast From Seed, Potting Container Trick Tip" on YouTube

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  • That Red should be fruiting soon, Thanks for the info on video, although I am not Goofy about garcinias. , I am a bit obsessed by such a good Myrciaria, Plinia, Eugenia plant and maybe Psidium. Actually Adam somehow found my blog about planting one now and I saw my photo on that Fbook site.

    Word gets around the world.  Plant a jaboticaba now, make it a hedge plant and if you live long enough you will have fruit galore. I would love to get my hands on some young Sabara plants and learn to graft.  When I think of all the seeds I have thrown away, but I will grow them in bulk now.

    • Omg Christa you might be hounded by plinia paparazi.

      I did get in fairly early with my jabos and have 6 sabaras now about 2m high, they are about 5 years old so another few to go. Then have 5 grimals, one 5 years in the ground(fruits well) and the others 3 years in the ground and just starting. Still tossing up getting 30 red hybrids from Steve T to make a potted jabo orchard for fruit selling.

  • This is a red hybrid jabo 7456007075?profile=RESIZE_710xI repotted and gave some iron chelate. Was looking chlorotic but now has tons of new growth

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