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Home Delivered Potatoes in November


Our Online Store and Home Delivery Service will re-open again in early November.  This season we will be specialising in our award-winning delicious Dutch Cream potatoes.  

They will be available in 20kg boxes and being super-fresh from the farm they will last for ages.  Buying in bulk directly from the farm makes good economic sense too. We will let you know via our newsletter when the store reopens.


ONLINE STORE OPENS IN NOVEMBER:    Our online store will reopen again in early November with the harvest of the Dutch Cream Potatoes. You won't find it on this page at the moment but when the 20kg boxes of potatoes are available you'll find them on this home page, ready to pop in your shopping cart.

Bauer's Organic Farm, 1166 Mt Sylvia Road, Mt Sylvia Q 4343

07 5462 6286 - Phil or Rob

Thanks for your email and for sharing the info with your group.
The price for delivery is roughly $10 directly to the customers door.   Delivery is to most of South East Qld and down a little way into Northern NSW.  It’s with Fastway Couriers.  They will also delivery to more distant locations for a higher delivery fee.
The potatoes will be sold in 20kg boxes and will sell for the same price as last year - $40/box, so that’s $2.00 per kilo.  Of course they are certified organic and top quality being grown in some of the most fertile soil in the world, in the Lockyer Valley.
Thanks Lissa
Kind Regards
Trudy Townson 
PR Co-ordinator
0417 783 704
Rob Bauer, Owner/Manager, Bauer's Organic Farm
1166 Mt Sylvia Road, Mount Sylvia Q 4343

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Dutch Creams really are a superlative Potato. Wonder what the delivery cost is and if they deliver over a wide area.

I didn't have time to go looking for that info Elaine. Would also be interested to know. They are "local" at 1.5hrs drive away.

I still have some spuds doing well in the compost pile to crop so hopefully will have my own home grown organic tatties.

I've sent them a message asking for more info.

Trudy responded to my email about delivery costs. See the main blurb.

It'll take us a long time to go through 20 kg of spuds... wonder how long they'll last before they sprout?

I often throw out half the bag when I buy 2kg bags because they sprouted...

Compost them or plant them Florence.

Due to the limitation of my living arrangement, I have no capacity to plant or compost them....

I only manage to find spots to dump our coffee grounds and lawn clippings... and I think we won't have enough spots to pile clippings in summer when there would be a bigger volume ... There's no way I'm digging up the lawn again after our last experience with replacing the turf for the landlord...

I'll do some research on how to keep potatoes for longer though... 

Should last for months IF they are in a cool, dark place with some air circulation. Not the domestic fridge though. Prolonged cold turns the starch into sugar and they no longer taste like Potatoes.

Not much of an option unless you've a large family and go through kilos a week.

So wine fridge with a higher temp than domestic fridge no good too coz of the lack of air circulation?

Erm … not certain about that. We only get 2kgs a time and have them inside a dark cloth-lined wire drawer low down to the floor where it's cooler. Even then, since we buy commercial organic which come from cold rooms, they do sprout in a couple of weeks. They are quite edible, btw. When Elaine was catering for a large family, she kept spuds in the hessian sack they came in, within a cool brick room. So some air circulation there. But she went through them quite quickly anyway.

If you're not big spud users, buying 20kg is not worth it really or that's what we figured. The most we pay for organic spuds is $3 a kilo anyway so there's hardly any saving for us plus we've no place to store 20 kgs.

20kgs plus delivery is $50 total cost. $2.50 per kg.

If someone wanted to buy a box the excess could be sold at a GV perhaps. It's a big ask though. The purchaser could end up with a heap of spuds they can't use.


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