I planted out some 'desiree' seed potatoes ten weeks ago.  They've grown well - I mulched them to about 40cm using sugar cane mulch and horse manure (and some blood and bone occasionally).  They flowered a couple of weeks ago, and the flowers (from first batch) have finished now.  I had a dig around in the mulch to see if there were any potatoes growing, but alas, none!  There do seem to be some under intial soil layer though (which was about 15cm).   From what I can see through the mulch, it's just stem in there. Is this normal? 





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  • Oh, and nice pic Scarlett :)
  • The grow bags for potatoes still haven't turned up (with Raspberry Canes) from Garden Express anyway - it's been about 6 weeks since I ordered and paid for them. Same with the dwarf Macca from Kendalls - paid 6 weeks back. Nice enough people both, but their communication is shocking and delivery time awful.

    I've thrown sprouting spuds into the garden before - they often send up some leaves and then disappear. What about these "new" potatoes that I have - the nice little ones. Would they do the job?
    • If they have eyes developing now I'd give them a whirl.
  • nice pic

  • Well... I went bandicooting today and got me some SPUDS!! Pic attached.


    • :)
  • Has the opportunity to buy seed potato passed? My produce shop advise they cannot supply. Bunnings (Carseldine) advise they are all out as well. Anyone know of a stockist around Strathpine or if I'm simply too late to put them in? Thanks.
    • Possibly it has Lissa ... the Bunnings at Rothwell had sprouting seed potatoes a couple of weeks ago but I haven't been back since. It's still only July, though ... grab whatever you can find with developing eyes and pop them in a sunny spot and await results. It is 'pot luck' with potatoes in this area and if you find a variety which does well, keep going with them and begin to select for the characteristics you need. However much we might like to grow purple ones or even ones with pink spots ;-), we really do need to grow the varieties which do well on their own here, however boring that might be.
      • yes :(
        I like the really mad ones too, but they just don't do well up here
  • I had a couple of potatoes which started to sprout (red rascals, purchased from the markets) so I hardened them off for about a week then stuck them in the ground not expecting much. I did the mulch & soil method to about 30-40cm and whilst one went really well, one died back after about a month and one failed to show at all. The one plant that did make it was recently harvested and had about 3 good size spuds (about the size of a squashed softball) with a few med-small ones. It looked just like a little potato family :). I read that some varieties don't readily flower and I was beginning to worry they might be in the ground too long, so pulled them up and made some mashed potato. They were fantastic, so on the back of a successful trial i've planted another dozen (in a different bed) and will be interested to see how they turn out. At this stage i'm just using sprouting spuds that would otherwise be used for cooking but understand the advantages of buying certified seed potatoes. I'll also be doing a trial in pots shortly and see how that goes.

    My soil is a predominantly "organic multi mix" from redback landscape supplies with some compost and chicken manure mixed through. I didn't give any additional feeding throughout the grow period but they weren't allowed to dry out too much and were planted in light, well draining soil. They received about 6 hours of direct sun per day.
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