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I have had quite a few requests to do some workshops / seminars.........

I would just like to gauge the need or possible response to the idea.

If we were to do them they would cover a lot of areas we have had discussions on and some stuff we have not touched on, including the coming quantum 101 discussion......

So I put it to you all, would you like to do something like this, and what do you all think the best way to facilitate this idea would be??????????  

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OK I'm starting to see a possible format...... how about from the ranks of BLF and + a DVD showing. We work up a succession of seminar / workshops. and repeat them maybe 3 times in Southwest, Nth, and beaches or something like that. what do you think.......
Sounds cool! Also sounds like a big time commitment for the presenter/s ... and out of pocket expenses too.
Any that I attend I would be more than happy to pay a small contribution towards the presenter. Obviously what I can pay would depend on each session... if I got to take something away maybe up to $20 or otherwise more likely to be able to pay $5 -10.

Personally I am not in a position (at the moment, despite thinking it worthwhile and wishing I could do it) to be able to pay more than $50 for something - and to pay that I would have to be really keen.
sounds good to me
i could maybe do a grafting demo?
I'd love to attend a grafting demo Scarlett! I have to figure out how as my espalier attempt didn't quite work out to the guides and I have a missing row ... oops. Oh well, I figure I can hopefully graft the prunings in spring. ;)
I'd love a grafting demo too ~ depends on when that will be, I might be able to provide a few Longan seedlings and mature longan tree cuttings for demonstration :)
I just cut the citrus grafting material, but often have some - any cutting anyone is interested in they are welcome to, I have too many to name here :) Ask and I might have it....
OK then maybe the first one could be a day time weekend practical at a members place, lets cover different composting methods, different grafting methods, Ph testing, DIY fruit fly traps and setting up a new bed.........and include recognising simple deficiencies, compleate with printed info. It would be a half day thing 4-5 hours..and be lets say $ 10 does that sound
Count me in! If you are looking for a members place, while mine isn't necessarily ideal at all for this I am happy to volunteer if no-one else more suitable comes along.

A, I can also help with compiling/ photocopying information - let me know.
Ok, I think this would be a big enough intake for people to get there heads around for one day. It would be a totally practical workshop forum. with Q & A + discussion sections between. James soil science, biologicals and bugs predator/parasite may feature in the second round. I think the whole thing should start at lets call it basics and move consistently into the complex.......
Donna yes I will take you up on that offer of compiling the written material.

OK any volunteers with enough good PRACTICAL knowledge wish to be responsible for presentations prac demos. Perhaps the first one could be at west end community garden what do you all think?????????????
Pick a date and place and I will put it into my calendar, maybe we could get together at a GV before with the written materials so I have time to copy it.

Is there a contact for West End Community Garden at BLF? Might be worth checking with them if they want a new bed and if they have materials available. I would be interested in a wicking bed, or a no dig garden. If not, I wonder if it might be worth checking if any other group is interested in financing a new bed that we provide labour for.

Not sure how much practical knowledge I have, but should be able to run some sort of pH testing demo with both probe & colour kits. I know a bit about recognising deficiency but only the very basics, and usually backed up by pH testing and sandy soil knowledge. We'll see who else volunteers first though, maybe I could be a backup :)


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