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I have had quite a few requests to do some workshops / seminars.........

I would just like to gauge the need or possible response to the idea.

If we were to do them they would cover a lot of areas we have had discussions on and some stuff we have not touched on, including the coming quantum 101 discussion......

So I put it to you all, would you like to do something like this, and what do you all think the best way to facilitate this idea would be??????????  

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Count me in at this stage. A centralish location would help since we're scattered all over.
would love to check this out....would be great if cental and a saturdays would be even better....means sundays I can put this into action heehee and also not miss out on church heehee. xxx
Great idea Anthony. Demonstration work shops and seminars will be a fantastic extension of the forums.
There would be some that I would attend, and others that I probably wouldn't at this stage of my learning.

It is a great idea, and would be wonderful to see you as well as other members holding Events/ Seminars both on topics that are interesting to members as well to further explore different aspects that have been raised in discussions.

One way off the top of my head to organise them might be to create another 'Group' to sound off on ideas etc then when any particular host has time available they create an Event and invite BLF members.

Not sure about location, it would depend a lot on the specific topic I imagine... for example if you were going to talk about Biodynamics you might prefer to do it at a location that you could demonstrate things. Other things could just as easily be discussed at a park in a central location.

Another way would be try to incorporate some of the shorter topics into the Garden Visits, which we have done a few times in the past but with a more specific focus and time alloted possibly.
Definitely sounds like a great idea - and I agree with Donna that shorter topics could be incorporated into garden visits.
I would be interested depending on when and where! I think it is a great idea, I am sure there are lots of members knowledgeable on many different subjects that would be willing to contribute.
I think we could have a film arvo/ night or two - I'd recommend Bill Mollison's "The Global Gardener" (available at BCC library) and Robyn Francis' mandala garden video (I have a copy)

I have the seed saver dvd think it is something like 'seedz blong umi' (seeds belong to you and me) if anyone is interested. Not really able to host something like that here, but I understand you can hire/ book the library in the city which might be worth looking into.
sounds good to me
Given our geographical diversity, perhaps those with videos/dvds could loan them for local viewing. I own Monty Don's garden dvds although only one disk is really of interest. I'd be willing to loan that. Possibly Anthony might have assignments which could be turned into hour/s/half-days at a GV. Anyone able to come to Burpengary is welcome at the seed-savers Saturday morning meetings where we have a speaker each month - see 'coming events'.
I agree Scarlet, think there are several ways in which we could take this forum to new networking possibilities
I am happy to volunteer time as well.

Three areas that I can I contribute are garden design, plant propagation and landscape construction.

Sustainable garden design basics, drafting and drawing, plant and product selection, installation. Construction workshops could include raised planting beds, wormeries, chicken coop, bird and possum boxes, frog ponds and even wicking beds. Anything that is basic carpentry and masonry for gardeners.

Plant propagation and seed collection.


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