With all the troubles growing from seed recently, I have not kept a record of what was planted where and have a few plants I am not sure about. If anyone knows what the following are I would appreciate some help! This one I am almost sure is a weed...

This one I am almost sure is peanut...

And this one I am pretty sure is ceylon spinach...


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  • Hi D, haven't had time to check in lately
    ID of plants
    Looks like it may be Noogoora Burr or another one commonly called thick ear
    wandering Dew---------Ceylon spinach is usually deep green fleshy square stem and rounded leaf
    This is a link for plant ID its a good site, I use it often.......
    Happy ID-ing
    • Okay, the peanut can stay - thanks everyone, and I have removed the weeds. It is so hard when you are planting things without knowing what they look like growing!
  • that top one does look like several weeds but the purple stem is interesting. am not sure, sorry.
    second one almost certainly a peanut.
    third one am pretty sure is wandering dew, a nasty weed. it reshoots from every tiny piece of root or stem left in the ground and roots along the stem as it grows. also reshoots once you've pulled it out - put it in a worm farm or hot compost heap, or kill by turing in the sun until it's brown before you dump it in a mulch pile or cold compost heap
  • sorry but its not ceylon spinach . have a look at Trinettes pictures there is one of some growing on a fence , has red stem , rounddish green leaves , there is a green stem type to .
  • Sorry Donna, can't help you there.

    I think I have plants similar to the one you believe is a peanut in my garden, which my mum thinks were peanuts too because she have dumped some spoilt peanuts around that area… I’ve let one grow before, but didn’t seem to produce peanuts (could be coz I didn’t wait long enough) so I pull them up when I see them now… .. I would be interested to know if they were peanuts after all ^^”
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