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Dear All,


Would anyone please give me some advice regarding growing garlic at backyard garden? Where can I find the seed, which is suitable for local climate and what is the time to plant them? Thank you in advance.




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Joe, I have had some success growing Garlic over the last few years. I wrote a spiel on this on April 27 this year. So look this up on the BLF site. You can get Garlic seed from a number of places, including Green Harvest. The one that grows well for me is Glen Large which is suited to our area. I planted out In April, it may be too late for this years crop. if you come to a garden visit around March April you will probably find some garlic seed available. Here is the article I wrote ---

The above motto should apply to any food you harvest at home where you can save the biggest and best of your harvest for next years crop. In this case it's Garlic. I've tried to grow many varieties and found that most of them need a long period of cold weather to crop well.
For the last three years I've had success with GLEN LARGE, which doesn't need lot of cold weather. As you can see from the pics, I've rolled most of the ones I'm keeping to eat and have discarded the skins, these are the ones that are a bit smaller. The ones that I will plant are on the left with skins intact (I don't know whether this is important or not), I will plant these out soon. These are the biggest of last years crop and are just now starting signs of shooting.
In fact my first plantings are also there in polystyrene boxes. They were not showing any signs of shooting but a couple of weeks later they are sending healthy looking green shoots skyward. I will bottle the skinned ones in olive oil and stick in the fridge.

Thank you very much Roger, I will come to the Garden visit to meet everyone one day, and if possible I will host a one at my place. I really want to learn from people like you who have first hand experience. Looking forward to meeting you.

Hi Joe, really wish I could give you some advice but garlic for me remains an epic failure.  What I do know is that now is too late to plant, you will need to wait until about april to plant. 

Thanks Susan. Okay, that's fine, it means that I have long time to prepare for next season. I will try to join the garden visit to meet everyone and learn more. 

Hi Everyone,

Today I am very excited! See photos. I started this discussion in July and at that time we brought some garlic from a local grocery shop. I do not know what kind of garlic they are. Although I was told that it was too late to plant the garlic in July, I still could not wait for next year. Noting to lose, so I just give a try. Today, I noticed there are some garlic in the garden. They look smaller than the normal size.

I will wait as long as I can (probably next month) to harvest them. I am not sure if they will be mature enough as they were planted in July. I really want to keep them as seed for next year. Please advise which is the best way to keep this harvest, so I can plant them again in April next year. Hopefully I have found the garlic suitable for my garden. Thanks


You have done much better than I ever managed to do.  Great job mate. 

Thanks Andrew. Hopefully, I can keep them for next year.


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