Does anyone wish for some edible  Pit Pit in their garden?

Its an edible dwarf palm like plant which you eat the cooked stalks of. A popular food in Indonesia and PNG I believe.

Any way, they are also quite decorative in a tropical garden. Only thing is, I want the space for my Chinese keys , so they are being removed to make way.

Happy to sell plants for $3 each or swap for something I don't already have.

Let me know if you'd like some,  by sending an email

Cheers, Linda


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  • 34633755?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Here are some pictures of the pit pit plants so you know what you are looking at for your garden. Hope they loaded OK.


  • I recently purchased a piecs of a cane that the seller (Yandina Markets) said was known as Tropical Asparagus.  I have not been able to identify it further than that.
    It looks very similar to sugar cane.  (I also bought a piece of reddish coloured sugar cane from him)
    Is this Pit Pit?
    • A photo would be good! I have not heard of Tropical Asparagus. The Yandina Markets are not as I hoped they would be, a farmer's market although there are some growers selling there. The one day I was there a couple of months ago, most of the fruit and veges were dregs from the Brisbane market. Very disappointing. Some folks will tell you anything which they think you want to hear and Tropical Asparagus might be one such. Asparagus grows well here in SE Qld, despite its reputation for liking the cold. So if you can buy some 2-yo crowns from Green Harvest (for example) you can be growing and eating the real thing in a couple of years from now and enjoying it for the next 20 at least. There has been a lot of talk on this forum about Asparagus and a search should turn up some useful info.
      • Sorry, Couldn't seem to add text to the photos.
        The top photo is our black sugar canes, planted about 4 months ago.
        Botom photo shows ..
        Smaller piece is the "Tropical Asparagus"
        Larger piece is sugar cane.
        • Adding text within a 'reply' you just type as you would for a reply. It probably works most easily if you type something first then add one pic then its caption then the next pic and its caption.


          I'm interested to see what others make of the smaller piece of what looks like sugar cane. Although there is a 'Pit Pit' which is a sugar-cane relative but not having seen it I can't identify it as anything really. The real Asparagus is a dicot not a monocot like the sugar cane. Asparagus is from an entirely different order of plants and does not resemble cane. So what is this cane? Love to know!

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  • do u have a pic of them - how big do they grow?


  • ah thanks Linda :)

    would you like me to send out to all members?

    cheers SJP

    • yes great thanks Scarlett
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