After our local possum learnt to eat a hole in the fruit fly covers on our persimmons, we decided to pick them early.  They are just starting to turn colour, and I usually pick them with a bit more colour on them. The name translates to “first life from Jiro” and it produces pucker-free fruit.  As a matter of fact I am having one for lunch today.  We lost about 2 dozen to wildlife. 

Please excuse sideways photo.  Don't know what to do with this harvest - I may have a look at some jam recipes or chutney.  They are simply beautiful served cold with ice-cream.  

Our 2 trees are getting a bit old now and I am surprised they are still fruiting, our yield is usually a larger size fruit but this season, they set in odd weather.  

Does anyone else have this fruit tree?

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  • I have two jiros and one fuyu bit still small trees at only 1.5m. Think I have an astringent one as well cant remember variety. Looking forward to fruit in a few years, persimmons and black sapote (same family) are favs of mine.
    • Mine are quite old now, the branches are quite brittle.  The trees flowered for a couple of years first but dropped most of their flowers. But fruit has been abundant lately.  Our tree is non-astringent but I believe the astringent ones are much nicer tasting when they are properly ripened. 

      We also have 5 sapote,  one "chocolate" sapote which has given me a couple of fruit.  One "superb" which is not fruiting yet.  The other 3 are seedlings sapote that I purchased from dealer at Kin Kin.  We may sell off the 3 seedings, they have flowered and we have them in big blue bins. 

      Most of our fruit trees are in 1/2 drums like wicking bins. Last count we had many trees,  too many to mention.  Quite a few of us members have between 50 and 200 edible plants or trees.  Our yard is just under 1,000 sq m but we are running out of room now. 

      I did buy a Phalsa plant from Kyogle the other day, as you mentioned that you had been eating the fruit.  It is good to compare notes so we can find out what will fruit in our sub-tropical areas.  Dianne has surprised me with her fruit trees, her garden has fruiting trees that are not recommended for her area, but still fruit in her yard. 

      Susan also grows many fruit trees and is a very good gardener as well.  Mary-Ann Baker had acreage and grows  most varieties  of fruit trees on her property. There are other great gardeners too many to mention and they also grow fantastic vegetables and herbs, and contribute greatly with their knowledge. 

      We are all learners and hope to become more self-reliant with our food.  

      Hope you have the opportunity to meet our many gardeners and exchange notes with them.

      • I know Mary-Anne from Stfc. I think I have about 130 or so fruit trees on my 1/2 an acre. At the moment am picking kary starfruit, madrono(lemondrop mangosteen),peanut butter fruit, acerolas,grumichamas, a sugar banana bunch and papaya. I love perennials like okinawan and longevity spinach and moringa that we use almost every day. I love sapotes even though a lot are not related. I have choc,white,ross,bruno,yellow, green and mamey but mostly small so in a few years should get fruit, although my cannistel(yellow sapote)has flowered this year. I have some small phalsas that grew from seed that members can have if they wish at my GV. Also try to sprout some guabiju seeds from fruit I was given by Brian Dobelli from the Stfc. They are very tasty little fruit.

        • I would really appreciate a couple of phalsa seedlings as I read that they need cross pollination.  This is after I ordered one plant. The starfruit are high in oxalates which most people can handle but not me.

          That madrona has always tempted me, does it have a lemon flavour?  We tasted the bunchosia at Daleys visit, it was nice fruit.

          Haven't heard of guabiju (Myrcianthes pungens) but the fruit looks very much like Ceylon Hill cherry, sound interesting if you can get seeds to grow.

          You have quite a few different trees and I have questions, hope you don't mind.

          • Not sure about the phalsa. I have 2 but only one was flowering and fruiting at a time. They are an okay fruit but not anything amazing, like gritty lemon sherbert.

            Everything benefits from cross pollination though. You are welcome to a seedling and I also have a couple of peanut butter fruit seedlings , my trees should still be fruiting for a few months they are a great tree as we pick a handful every day.

            The madrono taste like lemon but without the sourness, I love all garcineas though, especially achachas that I have been waiting patiently to fruit. Most of the oxalates in starfruit are on the wings which I cut off. The guabiju is way nicer than ceylon hill , its a mixture of sweet fruit tastes like mango and peach but at the same time unique.

  • I missed this photo when you first put it on, I haven't tasted these but would love to. I do have a recipe for making Jelly & a Spiced Jam from them.

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