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Pesticides? You decide.

It is time to redress the balance on pesticides. For too long pesticide manufacturers have controlled the information and hence the debate; they pay for the research, select what is published, and have too loud a voice in legislation and too much influence over the direction food production has taken. We believe there is no ‘safe’ level of pesticide; they are designed to kill at very low doses. The debate shouldn’t be whether they are safe, but rather do they pose a risk which is acceptable given the benefits, and are there better alternatives.

“We were wrong; farming didn’t get that smart, it just found more sophisticated, powerful ways of being stupid”

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  • It is a real worry, as a fruit or vegetable may look great but be full of insecticide. You just cannot tell by looking at the produce. I would love to be able to grow ALL my own produce but it is almost impossible to do. So unless anyone has a good supplier of organic produce nearby, we have to do the best we can. I love going to the Northey Street markets on a Sunday morning but as they are so far away, the cost and time involved make the journey an irregular one.

    Even organic farmers who grow at say Gatton, are still limited to growing a limited range of produce so we are left to buy colder climate produce from the supermarkets and be unable to ensure what levels of pesticides we are taking in because of this.   

    • My body is missing my home grown organic produce though I have been lucky at each house so far, there is some available. I am having to buy more commercial grown produce and my skin is breaking out and I just don't feel as good.

      • Woolies these days have a selection of organic produce. Varies a lot but at least there is some to choose from. Time for those sprouts to be grown, Lissa!

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