Permaculture gardens anyone?

Hi everyone

I will be running a series of suburban permaculture workshops starting on March 13. If you'd like to come along and learn more about Permaculture and setting up and mainitaining your own permaculture garden in the suburbs, I'd love to have you along.


I am also looking for a couple of permaculture gardens to visit on the north or westside reasonably close to the city, during the workshops. If you'd like to offer your garden as one we can visit during the workshops in return for attendance at a workshop, please let me know.

It does not have to be perfect, as we know permaculture is not a group of perfect rows and blocks of flowers!

I'd love to hear from you. Please give me a call on my office line at Ecobotanica

Linda 3349 2962

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  • Linda I've got a good banana pawpaw circle (as per the design in the permaculture manual), but i'm more south eastern
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