Hi everyone, I have some small pawpaw seedlings available. They have come up from from my compost and are from my own tree. It is a red bisexual pawpaw that produces large (2kg+) fruit with a good sweet flavor, and is less than 2 meters tall. I am going to the GV on Sunday so let me know if you would like me to bring some for you.

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  • Hi Vivienne, 

    Do you have seedlings available now? I would love to have some, as many as you can give. Thank you.

    • Hi Hong,

      I don't have any seedlings available at present, as the fruits on my tree are still small and green.


      • OK thank you :) Please would you update if you have any seeds...

        • Yes I can let you know when the fruit is ripe.  As my original post was in May last year, it will be some months before seed is available.


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