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This is a climbing vine with tendrils that grows very fast and provide fruit from about 18 months (although mine is flowering at 12 months), I have read that they should be replaced every three to five years as they lose vitality.

I have both Panama Red and Panama Gold, as well as another grafted variety from Bunnings. The first two vines (Panama) were planted out of season and are probably about a year old now. It seemed to take forever for them to grow, but they are really bushy now and grow new vines every day... there were some trying to get into the bedroom window a fortnight ago which were tied down - and now this morning there were another three!

I didn't prune them back this spring as I wasn't aware that you should - fruit are born on new growth.

I had a fair few flowers from about a month ago, however no fruit developed. A quick check on google advised that it was likely poor pollination so I have been hand pollinating for about a week, still no fruit visible at this stage but maybe a bit early to tell if it has made a difference.

The flowers are really beautiful - not what I was expecting at all! The pollen is found under the five stamens you can see in the picture. The carpel section is (I think) the three ovaries that come from what I imagine will be the developing fruit...

To hand pollinate I have been using my finger to collect the pollen off the stamen, then touching the underside of each ovary and if there is more than one flower I have been trying to transfer pollen from other flowers as well so each flower gets at least two hand pollination attempts.

There is a good factsheet provided by the Qld Government which I have found very interesting and helpful.

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Unlike the flowers, everyone probably know what passionfruit looks like, but I happen to have a photo already uploaded a while back ~ so here it is...

Knowledge already gleaned in BLF is they are heavy feeders - Florence had a compost bin near them and they were producing really well until she moved it!
And yet others have them in shady backyards, never feed nor water them and they collect buckets of fruit! With pollination, if you have access to a soft artist's brush, that might be a lighter touch than your finger. I've heard of orchardists pollinating Custard Apples using a soft brush and buzzing quietly as they do. I'd love to be a fly on the wall!
aren't they beautiful? you know they're called passionfruit because the number of petals/ stamens/ stigma is 10:5:3 which apparently somehow represents the passion play in christianity, and also the shape of the cross is suggested (or something).

mine are fruiting like mad on the section i didn't cut back (I left some which had grown up the trees because it makes a good screen), whereas the bits i gave a haircut aren't flowering yet. the fruit isn't ready yet - i have panama red and gold.
An update on this subject...

My panamas flowered proficiently, has heaps of luscious growth and keeps trying to get inside, but no fruit was set - Anthony thought it might be boron deficiency which I treated but maybe too late for that season. I pruned it back hard in disgust, vowed to ignore it this year and not fertilise or water it as everyone else seems to get them to grow without trying! There is heaps of new growth but no flowers yet.

Of course just to be spiteful Ashley's bunnings grafted variety fruited, not a whole heap - maybe 15 in total, but still better than my big fat zero... his hasn't been pruned as it had fruit and already has flowers for this new season!?!
Hi Donna, don't dispair!! My passionfruit flowered last year and I also got nothing even after hand-pollinating. This year I have a fair amount of fruit given that it gets plenty of neglect. I put it down to the vine being too young to bear fruit last year.
Thanks Vanessa - gets so frustrating when I am supposed to be the gardener and his things do better than mine despite everything lol :)
Which grafted one is it? I've found some of the grafted ones to be on a truly evil rootstock that sends up suckers all over the place from its roots.
Not sure Mick, just that it was from bunnings... if I find the tag I'll let you know but they someone disappear despite me putting them in a 'safe' place!

I had one (also from bunnings that did that) I had it planted at the base of my chook coop to keep it sheltered during summer (and to get fruit) and found that it was very hardy, green, grew heaps and flowered lots but I never got any fruit (even after years), later found out that they wont fruit if they actually get too much love (or in this case nitrogen) which makes sence being up against the chook coop - just a thought :)

Not sure if it would survive, but certainly prune it back heaps and get as much of a root ball as you can... then give it heaps of love during the relocation phase with a tonic - seaweed or some sort of compost/ manure tea.
Hi Elsiemay, they realy dont like the root system being played with, you could dig it up and give it a go cant hurt...


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