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Since there is a run on seeds and seedlings because of Coronavirus I thought I'd list the seed companies I mainly use for online purchases:

  • The Seed Collection: cheap wee packs of seeds and good range. May now be limited to returning customers.
  • Green Harvest: well established and supported -- but now, no doubt because of Covid-19, is closed until Spring.
  • The Lost Seed: Touch wood. Still open.

They are my primaries. Please add further suggestions of suppliers and let us know if they are still supplying or not.

The Caboolture Markets are now closed so there goes the seedling option from there.Closure was a decision arrived at by stall holders in order to protect the public.

But All Herbs and Seedlings will be distributing from their farm gate on SUNDAYS.

Their farm/nursery is located in Woodford area but I don't as yet have a public address I can share. They are the very very best suppliers of seedlings for domestic use.

If any folk can monitor Bunnings expensive seedlings supplies please share.

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I received my seeds yesterday from The Seed Collection. Delays of up to a week in post, due to overwhelming demand. 

Other options for seeds if you get desperate may include: some cheap shops ($2 shops), Asian supermarkets (I have had success with packets of mustard green seeds from there) and even my local Woolies had some seeds a few days ago (albeit quite expensive).

My understanding about Bunnings seedlings is that they are basically out in most stores at present.

The asian supermarket yuen has seeds for 2 bucks(brand 'knownyou' i think) and they have pretty good germination, my dads been buying them for years for all his asian greens.

Eden seeds?

Eden is closed:

*** IMPORTANT! ***

We are temporarily closed from taking new orders so we can fulfill the existing back log of 5,000 orders.

We have been inundated with 5 times our regular volume of seed orders and there is currently a significant delay dispatching orders. We have plenty of seed stock but due to the enormous inundation of orders and queries we have had to disconnect our phones lines and close our website from accepting new orders so that we can focus on dispatching this incredible volume of existing seed orders.

Please be patient as we are working at full capacity to dispatch orders chronologically (oldest first) as quickly as possible. If you have already placed an order with us we will fulfill your order ASAP. Australia Post will continue to operate as normal despite the border closures.

We are planning to re-open for new business after Easter, although at this stage it is hard to predict an exact date. Our priority is dispatching all of the existing orders we already have and resuming normal service ASAP.

Our website will remain open to browse only, however you won't be able to access the checkout until we re-open for new business again. We will notify all of our newsletter subscribers via email once we are again accepting new seed orders, you can subscribe to our newsletter on the home page.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and we thank you for your patience and understand during this exceptional period.


Due to unprecedented demand, you may experience a delay in delivery times. We are working around the clock to ensure that your order is despatched as soon as possible. Stay safe and keep gardening!

For Northsiders the small Bunnings at Lawnton seemed to still have plenty of seeds, though not seedlings. 

  • Bondie Seeds are still serving, but there is a delay of 10 days for delivery and processing.
  • Fair Dinkim Seeds seems to be open for business still. 

An excellent resource thread Dave. Thanks for starting this and to those who have added extra information.

This ad just popped up in my feed. Ericavale Seeds trading as Buy Seeds Online. Still seems to be a decent range available. Post is a standard rate of $4.

Bondie seed are great you can get 50 packs of seed for 45$ they do not give you 50 pumpkin seeds but give 5 or 10 how many plants can you fit in yr garden ?? so you only pay small amount of seeds. 

Aldi had seeds and mushroom kits probably need to wear protective clothing  riot gear.

ha ha - brilliant!


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