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I was so excited to discover my Panama Berry with fruit and flower on it today.  It's been sitting in a pot in a shady area and quite neglected.  So I gave it some attention today: repotted, food and water.  I'm looking forward to trying the fruit, if the birds don't get to them first.

Anyone with experience with this tree have any tips for me?

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they are yummy - quite a different taste - will have to go look at ours to see how its going ! 

Yes, I was quite intrigued when the commercial tag described the taste as "caramel, fairy floss and ripe strawberry".!

One of these things which you need to experience for yourself, sometimes flavour defies description.

Taste has been described as caramel. Well, maybe. We found that the flavour did not blend with any fruit we usually use. The fruits are very plentiful, ripen quickly and like Blueberries and Mulberries, you need to check the bushes frequently or the fruits drop off or rot (forget which). My plant now lives in Brighton so I've lost touch with it. Recall it's as tough as old boots and loves the sun. If you can hack the flavour, it's a no-nonsense plant well worth the garden space.

Thanks for the tips Elaine. I actually picked up two of them (reduced ridiculously cheap from Bunnings). One is growing in the ground on a retaining wall above my chicken coop. The other is in a pot.

We have given the Berries to different people to taste and asked them what they think they taste like and many have said Caramel. I have put some in the freezer and they are very nice on top of ice cream. I also eat them straight from the tree as I walk past as does the guy that mows my lawn.

Sweet and spicy. Delicious.

Parrots love the fruit. Once my tree got to a good size (it grows big) I couldn't reach the fruit but the birds could and they would turn up outside my bedroom window at crack of dawn for a noisy feast.

The roots became a problem with the house and I had to have it cut out.

Supposedly a good tree to grow in your chook pen but I have seen chooks completely ignoring the fallen fruit. Mulberries are better for that purpose.

Can you keep the tree cut back to manage the size?

we have  so hope its okay 

Perhaps. When I planted the tree I knew nothing about keeping them pruned to size. Live and learn. Next garden will be better :)

Mine lived in a 200L wicking bin and it found a new home when only a couple of years old so I never did know what size it would grow to.


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