I've got quite a lot in the brassica family planted and squashing the eggs and removing any survivors is getting too much. What organic solutions are out there? I've never sprayed my vegetables ever but I'm feeling though I have little choice at the moment. Everything is too spaced out for netting, is there some organic spray that I can make?

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  • Hi Craig yes I know the feeling last year I lost all my kale.This year I have made above ground barrel gardens with netting and as soon as I get a decent picture of what I have actually done  I will  send them to you .TAs I am writing this there is a stir fry being cooked from my first asian greeens with not a blemish on any. I dont know how spaced out your brassicas are and how practical for you this idea would be  but bunnings have insect netting at 25.00 for huge lengths maybe you could just cover the brassicas areas with cut small pieces where they are .Covering them will stop any need  to make up any home made sprays or buying any so called organic powders or sprays wich are not cheap either.I wouldnt grow these any other way now cheers 

  • Thanks for all the tips. I'm trying egg shells at the moment, it's supposed to deter the moths. All the other suggestions look good so I'll use them if it doesn't work.

    Carolyn, have you tried that before? I reckon that would kill everything. Organic wineries use pine oil for organic weed control. Makes sense as nothing grows under pine trees. Grape vine root systems go so deep that most wineries will spray round up right up to the vine without worry.
    • Craig, when I saw your egg shell post I remembered something I was told about. Stick half egg shells on sticks, paint big eyes on them and stick them around the vegies. It's supposed to deter the white cabbage butterflies from landing to lay their eggs. I am going to try a variant on this idea, get one of those wind driven bird toys and put in smack bang in the middle of the bed.

  • This is a tip I got from a Wine Tasting where there was organic wine for tasting.  They use the Pine Needles and soak forf a month and use that solutions to spray for bugs.  Just thought it may be usefull for other orgnic foods.

  • It's really bad this year. Last year there was hardly a caterpillar about during this time.

    I've been using a neem (cold-pressed pure neem oil, not the econeem pre-mixed stuff from the big boxes) and soap spray. As a spray I'd say it's partially effective, depends on the percentage of neem in the spray. As a drench it's deadly. I poured some into the centres of a couple of baby bok choy that I'm saving for seed. They have been severely ravaged by armyworms and a few days later I found all the caterpillars had turn into semi-mush.

  • Hi Graig,

    we also battle regularly against the cabbage moth caterpillars, but more and more I've come to see them as a resource as free food for our aquaponic fish! Finger picking is probably the best organic control but as some of those caterpillars are so hard to spot we also use this spray we found, I also add a little bit of sage,marigold, apple cider vinegar & cayenne pepper to the mix. This concoction also got rid of the mildew on our tropical peach tree! Pretty much a cure it all in our garden these days :-)

    Hope this helps!



  • Only 'Dipel' that I know of.

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