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..let me count the ways:

1: you have constantly dug up my pototoes.sweet potatoes as soon as they are ready to harvest

2: you seem to also like capsicum

3: rather than let my new capsicum seedlings settle in, you think it fun to dig them up to dry out.

4: you also have a taste for close to being ready to pick tomatoes from my vines.

5: Rather than share my highly desired (by me) produce, you take nibbles from a number of items and discard their little pieces all over my yard.

6: my lettuce seedlings have little chance to grow when tossed to the side of your digging frenzy.

7: convincing my husband to build a pest proof fence around my garden beds is very unlikely....


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Sweet potato leaf pesto? Really? Just make it like normal basil pesto?

I figured if I have an electric fence low to the ground (please note, I am not talking high voltage!), they won't go anywhere near the area. I could be completely wrong. Have spoken with a friend in National Parks who suggested building a fence but having a skirt at the bottom dug into the ground. 

That option obviously is a lot more permanent and hard work. Means also that I need to plan how big I want my overall garden - ie do I just build around the existing beds, what if I want more in the future. It's also is not the aesthetically pleasing look I want for the front entrance to my house.


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