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..let me count the ways:

1: you have constantly dug up my pototoes.sweet potatoes as soon as they are ready to harvest

2: you seem to also like capsicum

3: rather than let my new capsicum seedlings settle in, you think it fun to dig them up to dry out.

4: you also have a taste for close to being ready to pick tomatoes from my vines.

5: Rather than share my highly desired (by me) produce, you take nibbles from a number of items and discard their little pieces all over my yard.

6: my lettuce seedlings have little chance to grow when tossed to the side of your digging frenzy.

7: convincing my husband to build a pest proof fence around my garden beds is very unlikely....


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Sounds like you need to build a trap!


Bandicoot/Bilby info

They eat mice! That's one thing they do on the side of good...but the rest is all bad for the home gardener.

No wonder I often find them hanging around my chook pen. I was so excited to see them hanging around the yard at night, until this one persistent fellow decided to raid my garden each night. He even destroys my compost bin until I had to secure it with heavy weights. I am thinking of letting him back into the bin in the hopes of him leaving the garden alone!

Scrub turkey in the garden today, wonder how much he is adding to the destruction. Lost another crop of potatoes today....sigh.

Bummer. The real downside to living with nature.

I'd blame the turkey before the bandicoot. 

I almost thought that, but the destruction is deep holes in the soil and the potatoes have been nibbled at. So it looks like both are having a go. It's just so heart breaking to lose your crops all the time!

Comfry plant goooone.

Sweet potatoes completely destroyed now.

Tomatoes, never got a look in on those.

Half my lettuce seedlings never had a chance either.

Hubby's solution...rewiring the electric fence!

Damn, that's so disappointing. 

Yes, when you are struggling as it is being an amateur is very disappointing!

I'd give you one of my sweet potatoes - but I didn't get any!  Good thing I use the leaves in my besto pesto.  Oh, have a tomato - oh, hang on, most of them got stung.  On a positive note, my snow peas and silver beets went gang buster. 

I feel your pain Wendy :( that is so disappointing.

Will an electric fence keep them out if they are underground diggers?

You need to get some professional help - DPI?


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