Now in stock we have: 

Dwarf Avocado, 

Dwarf Lychee, 

Dwarf Persimmon,

and a range of  Citrus, 



Jaboticaba ( African Grape Trees), 

Kaffir Limes

various Avocado varieties.

Arriving next week will be  Cape Gooseberry,  Coffee,  Raspberry,  Tea plants,  Canistel,  Horseradish,  Olives  and  Soursop.

Availability is limited on Dwarf stock, so get in quick.

Corner of Northey & Victoria Streets, Windsor, Qld, Australia
Ph: (07) 3857 8775,  Fax: (07) 3857 8108   Email:

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  • I have not been back and also not had any contact re the trees I ordered.

    not going worry about it.

  • I never did get a response to the stock coming in. Went there 4 times trying to get a persimmon tree. Ended up buying one elsewhere. shame, I would love to support this garden more, but it's a bit out the way to keep going back and leaving empty handed.

    • Great pity Wendy. I think they might be having some issues at the moment. Four times back was above and beyond loyal.

  • Went back last week and put my name down for a persimmon tree. The lady there was trying to tell me I needed two trees for them to fruit. I tried to tell her I didn't think so but she pulled out this book and was telling me I need an astringent and non-astringent tree. I tried to explain they were actually two different varieties of persimmons - one being bitter and the other not. Fell on deaf ears so I explained I had a few trees already (although they don't seem to be doing well with all this dry weather) and just wanted another to add to the field.

    • The woman at Northey Street is NOT correct. There are few fruits which need cross-pollinating. Avocado, Blueberries, Apples, Plums, Cherries spring to mind. Figs certainly don't and nor do most of the tropical fruits (afaik). My Persimmon, variety unknown, produced seedless small fruits without benefit of bees.

      • I have a blueberry bush at my mum's place which produce heps of berries without cross pollination, it is variety dependent, and I believe the blueberries we can grow in our climate don't need cross polination.  I'm waiting to find out whether mine would fruit, it's in flower atm, which is a different variety from the one I left with my mum (mum's already finished fruiting, I might try to propagate hers so I get two crops a year :) ).  I believe the fig varieties we have here are self-pollinating since we don't have the wasps which pollinates figs in their native environment.    I think if you cross pollinate your persimmon, you MIGHT get more fruits, but there will be seeds... that's what I read about black sapote seedless varieties, which is a relative of persimmon ~ but it looks like you get plenty of fruits anyway ~ I so wanted a persimmon .. I need some land >__<

  • I went in very early Sunday  morning managed to get a Jaboticaba ( African Grape Trees),  about 5 of these left.

     they had left   1Dwarf Avocado,  which I should have purchased.

     NO Dwarf Lychee, 

     NO Dwarf Persimmon,

    there were a range of  Citrus, 


    I have left my name for the other trees that I want.   They were to first to tell me that I need type A & B persimmon, so that they pollinate unless I'm sure that there is of the two type within 50 klms radius and I need to purchase the opposite variety.  Other wise need one that has been double grafted ( this variety have problems with the graft getting  mildew and dying.)


    • I suspect the person you asked might have got it wrong... I'm not an expert, but have read widely about persimmon and avocado because these are two of the trees I really want to grow.  The type A & B for pollination for better yield is for Avocados...

      With persimmons, although there's a possibility that trees may only borne male or female flowers, I've never heard of a variety sold commercially requiring cross pollination to produce fruit, but there are astringent and non-astringent varieties, so you might want to do your own research before buying... 

      • Certain that Persimmons don't need cross-pollination like Avocados do -Avos are unique in this, I believe. My Persimmon a seedless unknown variety with very small fruit, seemed to produce fruit without the need for bees. I never saw any on the flowers although some other insect might be responsible. Anyway, if you want a Persimmon you only need to get the one plant to get good crops. Variety and culture make the difference.

        • Thanks Elaine

          It was the first I had heard about the persimmons, also was not aware about the Avos I thought with them just needed a single tree, maybe the dwarf are different.

          I'm learning every day.

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