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If anybody is interested, I have pure neem kernel cake fertiliser (source wild harvest) that will bring life to your garden. It can be applied to all vegetables, herbs and fruiting trees.

Please see attached information on Vast Neem Kernel Cake.

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VAST Organic Neem   Kernel Cake (5-1-2)


VAST Neem Kernel Cake

We have dedicated our search for only the highest quality of neem kernel cake that can improve soil fertility naturally. 

VAST Neem kernel cake is derived only from the neem seed kernels for maximum Organic NPK content and trace lements and other benefits of neem limonoids.

VAST Neem kernel cake is cold pressed so it retains all of wholesome and organic benefits of neem that are often lost in the manufacturing processes.

VAST Neem Kernel Cake is 100% pure vegetable matter rich in natural N-P-K nutrient (5-1-2) and plant essential trace elements.


Benefits of VAST Organic Neem Cake

Beneficial soil microbes thrive in VAST Neem Kernel Cake amended soils. It is an excellent source vegetable protein, carbohydrate and organic carbon to the ubiquitous beneficial soil microbes to thrive. The organic NPK nutrients in VAST Neem are slowly released to plants and if continually used, VAST Neem Kernel Cake will increase the fertility of soils. It can be used in conjunction with other fertilisers to enhance plant uptake of nitrogen. The limonoids in VAST Neem Kernel Cake reduces nitrification of nitrogen. Nutrient runoff is reduced saving the cost to the end user and it is friendly to the environment.


VAST Neem Kernel Cake should be applied during soil preparation before planting.

Backyard Garden, All Vegetable Crops

Apply 1kg/20 M2 evenly to soil bed incorporate in soil by fork and irrigate 1-2 weeks before planting. Then Irrigate as per normal.

Perennial plants and Trees

Apply 200-250gm to shrubs and young plants and 300-350gm to older trees right below the drip line of each tree, so that water from the drip passes through the Neem Kernel Cake into the root zone of plant.

Turf and Golf Courses

Apply as broadcast 100-200kg/acre uniformly and irrigate to wash down to roots. Since VAST Neem Kernel Cake acts as a slow release wholesome fertiliser, multiple irrigations might be required before results can be observed.

Horticulture Crops

Apply by suitable spreader 150-200kg/acre and incorporate into soil two weeks before planting. Irrigate as per normal. Compatible with other starter fertilisers.

Fruiting Trees

300-400gm/tree below the drip line. Rake it in without damaging surface feeder roots. Irrigate as per normal.

Pot Plants

Apply 50-100gm/kg potting mix. Water before planting.


Apply 1kg/20M2 of planting beds. Incorporate in soil beds down to 10-15cm. Irrigate to moisten soil then plant after 7-14 days. Irrigate after planting as per normal.

VAST Neem Kernel CakeThe Natural Choice


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