Native Stingless Bees This website is the homepage for the Australian Native Bee Research Centre. In addition to a lot of good information on Native Bees, it also has a list of where you can buy these, only one publishes a price - see below. This company sells hives for $300 + $25 packaging, and guarantees them for one year (with conditions.

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  • There is a presentation on June 2nd at the Redlands Organic Growers Inc by John Klumpp, author of Australian Stingless Bees, a Guide to Sugarbag Beekeeping. Not sure if this is a litttle too far for you to go, but other members might find this of interest. He will be showing a live nest as part of the presentation. Rogi is held at the Indigiscapes, just outside Capalaba.

    We are very fortunate to have the pleasure of watching these native bees visit our garden daily. They are very active at the moment visiting our camellias.
  • They are gorgeous bees and it's a great website. For the beginner I recommend joining the ANBees email list on Yahoo Groups. There's a good range of experiences on that list and very helpful people both amateurs and academics. The ANBees list has a website separate to Yahoo at: Check the photos - some a just exquisite!

    Now and then there's an info day in and around Brisbane. Dr Tim Heard from (?CSIRO) is often the speaker and there's few around town who know more than he does about native stingless (social) and solitary bees. I went to one years ago at Brisbane Forest Park, so that's a line of enquiry, too.

    Pic is of an unkown species of solitary bee who landed on my compost bin.

    Cheery buzzing ;-)



  • yoiks! OK, it's on my list...
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