I keep losing the flowers from my lemon and I'm at a bit of a loss as to why. I've got rid of 2 rats and possums aren't a problem as I have a Pingg-String electric fence which keeps them out without causing any problems. Does anybody have any other ideas please as I'm sick of losing my lemons before they form. Thanks in advance for any suggestions


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  • Thanks, Daave. I think the $250 woulld have been reasonable, but their calculator gave me 566 just for my backyard, and I can't really come at that.

  • Yes I se the price has gone up a bit in the last 2 years but in my opinion still worth it. I have mine on the top of the fence

  • Hi Barbara. I have no affilation with this company but I swear by this product. See  


    I have it all around the top of my fence and it can give you a zapp but it wouldn't kill anything. Whe I first put it up it sounded the alarm every second night as the possums ( and cats ) tried to get through but now it only maybe once a month sounds as all the others have learned to stay away. From memory it cost about $250 nd a couple of days to install but in my opinion worth every penny. Now I can grow things and they are still there the next morning. Hope this helps

    Pingg-String Electric Fence for Dogs Cats Pets and Repel Possums
    Enclose your garden or protect specific areas. The best solution for cat, dog and possum problems.
  • Dave, could you elaborate on the Ping-String electric fence, please. How do you use it? Is it expensive? Are they readily available? etc....

    • Hmmmm.... Looked it up on the internet. It's a bit expensive for us, although it looks as if it certainly would do the job. The possums are driving me crazy, so $500+ may yet be a good investment!

  • Hey Dave.  Are you sure the flowers aren't dropping off, rather than being eaten?  

    • Thanks Andrew for the answer but there is no sign of the flowers on the ground at all. They've either been eaten or disappeared into another dimension. LOL. I'm betting on being eaten

      • Dr Google suggests parrots will eat the flowers if there is a shortage of other food.  Got birds around?

        Shame about not being sucked into another dimension - you could have charged an admission fee for people to come view it!   

        • Now there's something I hadn't considered. Yes there are birds around and I've seen some rainbow lorikeets that haven't been around for ages. Maybe birds are the answer. I'll put some netting over the tree and see what happens so thanks for that. Shame about the admission fees I agree


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