Mushroom Compost

With the drying winds and neglect, my poor gardens are all dried out and in desperate need of some love, water and organic matter. I had read with interest that there was a place on Miles Platting road selling mushroom compost at $2.50 per bag and intended to get hubby to fill up the station wagon this week but saw Mick say they didn't have any left last time he went by... is this still the case - better not send him on a wild goose chase! Does anyone know of another place to get cheap mushroom compost to replenish my raised beds (will be mixed with dried up sand and maybe a bit of fertiliser) - hopefully not too far from Inala...

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  • Looks like the one at Greenbank is still going, see this blog for details:
  • there's a logo? ;)
    • We can design one :P
      • LOL, I checked too Scarlett - at the top of the page is tomato/ coriander?/ okra (or is it winged bean?) which would have to be the 'logo' :) As a BLF addict I probably should know the exact variety of tomato and be able to confirm the other two - not guess, even if it is an educated guess lol :) :)
  • I agree, then he can pick up for me too ;)
    • We just picked some up today, speak of the devil saw the truck from the landscape supplier 100 m across the road from the mushroom farm picking up compost about 9:30am this morning ~ so we picked some up too :)
      • Wonder what their markup is for being an earlybird (although an earlybird has a completely different meaning during teething - currently 5.00am in our house groan).
        • By the way, I went down Miles Platting Road and they're still going - $2 a bag at the gate.
  • There’s actually a mushroom farm on Bowhill road between Willawong and Acacia Ridge, but the only time you can get them ($1 a bag I think) is when they put them on the road side waiting for the trucks to pick them up (for disposal?), usually pick them up by lunch time. Also availability’s very irregular, and they change the day of pick up several times already since I found out about them several months ago.. so Albert checks it as often as he can when he drive around that way, but only managed to pick a couple up twice. I’ve asked him to fill his boot to the ream if he sees them again…not that he actually would..
  • BTW, I'll have a look down Miles Platting Rd later in the week - our car's out of action for a couple of days. I'm interested to see if they're still growing mushrooms down there.
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