Mosaic stuff created outback

You can draw a lot from a large outback veranda.
Here's a quick grab selection of some of the mosaic pieces Helen has been creating.
'Tis a busy spot. Our place. What with the Mosaics Club and everyday cutting and pasting.
The stuff is popular. Very good (as you see).
Now with commissions.

More info:

Since I lose track -- it is created then gets sold off -- I get amazed on retrospect how much you can do with cut crockery, glass and tiles.On top of this is all the art work the club members do. Some are children.

One new member came along for the first time only last week and is working on this stunning house number -- #6. Another just completed a mosaic coated buoy that originally came out of Deception Bay. There are scenes, abstracts, animals, pot plants...Mosaics is a wonderful medium.

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  • Each time I see Helen's mosaics I think I should get back into making some but then I am quite time short and it gets away from me.  I know I have some completed tiles in the shed and must get them out and incorporate in the garden.  I didn't know about using hard as nails to secure and this will be a lot easier than the grout - must do a small stepping stone and see how I go.  Lost some interest when I got a bit too adventurous with contrasting grout - black looks good but the cleaning up at the end is a pain.  Thanks for posting the photos, very inspiring.

    • You use the HasNails to adhere the tiles to the piece then to complete the work you grout it at the end. everything is stick on and that makes working the stuff quicker and easier. So you can dabble as you prefer -- but still get a solid result that won't  fall apart.

      Just like collage with paper  and glue.

  • wow what talent - if yu are ever looking for small markets to sell your wares Dayboro has one evry first Sunday of the month 7 am til 12 - quite busy around this time of year - some good art works, handiwork - mostly sewing jams  and home grown produce bric a brac etc but no mosaics !!!!! 

    • Unfortunately she has trouble keeping up a supply as she sells out at the monthly 'markets' here...and now that the commissions are kicking in ( furniture and pavers at the mo) I'm forced to crack the whip.
      What I love is the fact that mosaic work is so accessible for people to do and so functional when completed.

      And with the crockery aspect it's driven by recycled materials. That makes it cheap. Whereas tiles and mosaic specific ingredients can be expensive.

      So the related hobby is trolling Op shops for plates and such.

      That's my contribution.

      With smashed china the colours and patterns are endless. With mosaic per se -- with intent -- you can display your artworks outside. With mosaic too, you can dabble with the piece as you like -- just pick up some HardAsNails and start adding bits and pieces.

      All you need is some nippers...and later some grout.

      The current piece she is working on is a Caper Butterfly paver.

      If anyone is interested the club gathers every Wednesday (PM) and on a Saturday (AM) fortnight here in Beachmere. Mosaic supplies included(eg: tools, tiles, china, glues, grout, etc) -- but bring something to work on if possible.  Folk just work on their pieces and seek or share advice, drink tea and chat.

      Some continue to work at home while others leave their pieces and keep coming back to them when they attend.

      If you want to try mosaics at home, pick a small project first -- a  small paver is great, rather than a plant pot shape -  then see what happens.  Too large--as a beginner-- and you'll lose yourself.

      Thereafter -- the world's your oyster.

      Even children can do it --and do. Our school garden has butterfly pavers separating the beds: all child created.

  • They are beautiful Dave, you had better not stand still too long as you may become the next work of art. Please let Helen know how much we appreciate seeing her latest masterpieces. 

  • Helen does beautiful work :)

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