Not my favorite vegetable but I do grow and eat it.

However, I am learning respect for Filipino cuisine and along with choko, Filipinos celebrate Moringa. Indeed, if there is a moringa tree in your neighbourhood, chances are its grower has some Filipino background.

This article is a great summary of the plant itself, and then goes on to deliver a series of recipes that feature moringa leaves or other parts of the tree.

My major complaint against the leaves was that mine were fiddly small. But this time around they have become bigger and are much easier to strip from their stems.

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  • They'd be another good green in pesto as well.  I happened to make a kangkong, sweet leaf and basil pesto this morning.  Should have shoved some moringa in there.  Darn it!

  • Nobody is cooking Maringa beans when they are very young?  My Rozie's friend calls it Drumstick Bean.  I know she does an Indian salad with it too.  I suspect we aren't spicing properly.... reminds me of pigeon pea (Tor Dahl). 

    • yeah people have told me the young pods are great slow cooked in a curry

      • Yes. The pods -- the drumsticks -- are sold in the Indian/Fijian place in the Valley.

        Go here for a range of options.

        So far I've not had pods to play percussion with.

        • We eat lots of pods, but only when smaller than pencil size, otherwise too fibrous. Fry them in green and taste like asparagus/green bean.

          • ok fab.. might have to get the ladder out lol

        • Maybe a project for this weekend, thanks

        • A pod and a separate leaf recipe

  • I had a similiar experience eating-wise but great for the chooks

    • I use my moringa fresh in green smoothies where the moringa flavor is masked by the fruit in the smoothie.  I usually use banana and pawpaw or pineapple, together with lots of green leaves such as spinach.

      A friend dries the moringa leaves and then uses them in her smoothies.  The leaves dry very quickly and once dried they have very little taste.  However the dried leaves are still very nutritious.

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