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Does anyone know where a good place is to get horse manure (or cow) on the Redcliffe Peninsula?  (Not the ones on Victoria Ave / Knight St - they are disgusting).



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Some years back we picked up ex-trotter manure from that area. It was OK if you left it to compost. Apart from that, I've bought 40 bags from Tim (he posts on BLF) which is partly composted; plants and worms love it. Oh there are a few places along Old Bay Road which have the odd bag out for sale usually. It's raw so needs composting and there's not a lot of it either.

Thanks Elaine.  I saw Tim's post but only want about 10 bags as I have no room for more. There used to be a lady selling it near here but they don't anymore which is a shame.  Probably that's the same place as you got yours previously too. I might go for a drive on the weekend and see if I can find any on Old Bay Road.  If not I might have to trek into Caboolture, there were some advertised on gum tree. 

It may save you a lot of time and money to buy some already-composted Searles manures. Redcliffe Produce at Morris Road, Rothwell stocks a good range at reasonable prices. They are my next move since the 40 bags I got filled a lot of new beds so I'm only needing topups now.


If you can make a proper compost pile with it, it will break down into sweet substances in a couple of months.

yeah, it was gross.  More like diarrhoea than manure.  And the maggots.  OMG THE MAGGOTS! And a bag leaked in my car (fortunately on a tarp) and the car stank for ages after.  I suspect more than horse manure goes into those bags, probably all the poop from their feral dogs too.  

Plenty of bagged manure our way in Beachmere across Deception Bay. $2.50-3 per bag. So many horses. So much poo. Some farms would love you to come by and collect all their droppings as the smaller the paddock the more frequently  the manure needs to be shifted. But if you are traveling to and fro you could perhaps  get manures from the race track at Deagon. But you'd need to bag it yourself, for sure.

The Green P/Sandgate PCYC community garden has a compost making protocol in place now that turns race horse sewerage  into real luscious. Maybe you should join their group to explore you local options...

Cool, thanks Dave!  


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