Madagascar bean tofu

I just want to put this out there.  I'm about to have a go at making my own tofu as another protein source. 

I found the Burmese people make chicpea tofu.  You can also use lentils, so I'm thinking pigeon pea.  

I now have a recipe.  Watch this space for more lunacy. 

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  • I put a video up about this.  What struck me is how much the bean curd (tofu) resembled my cheese curd.  I did get a great curd for dip (add soy sauce, diced pickled ginger and some sweet chili sauce) that was devine!  Captain Obvious lesson now is that I will use my home made cheese press to press the tofu.  It appears curd is curd, so to speak. 

    • YOUPEEE Make sure you've got some there on the 26th ;)

      • I'll do some more soft.  It is a wonderful dip with soy sauce and ginger.

  • yum bean hummus sounds good, might try next time

  • Should be a fun experiment, I think. 

  • We had madagascar bean houmos at the crop swap. I thought it was better than chickpea houmos. 


  • worth a shot!

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