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Some of us on BLF bought these trees from Daley's around 3 years ago.

Anyone had any fruit?

Mine flowered the first year after it was planted; I removed the flowers as I always do with very young trees.

Then it flowered again this season - 2 or 3 months ago now. Just one side flowered and very few flowers at that.

Suspect our winters are just not cool enough for this plant. Low-chill yes, but it does need some chill.

Seriously considering turning the tree into the most expensive mulch ever.

I would love to hear from others how their Cherries have performed.

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Cherry wood is used for smoking BBQ meats not cheap to buy how big is the tree .

Max 1.2 metres. Hardly worth driving over for!

But you are most welcome to it!

Ohhh, the pain,  give it some more time, Elaine. Maybe it will only fruit after our cold winter. Throw ice cubes on the roots in winter. Seems a shame especially as they were so expensive. Can you dig it up and put it in a pot, what have you got to lose.

It's in a pot - a 200L wicking bin. Only thing to lose is sanity and there's plenty of that with gardening ;-) It's had a couple of cold winters - or as cold as they are here. Phhht.

How are they propagated could look at producing more trees may be too warm to produce fruit  but the trees may grow OK and find better homes where it does get colder temperature  or could  cover and place large ice blocks how long do they need cold temperature. 

Double-grafted onto a dwarfing rootstock of unknown provenance.

Bugger fussing! If plants are to stay in my yard they must be fuss-free. Pruning and replenishing the soil is as far as fussing goes. The Dragon Fruit, Pineapples and Figs grow without undue messing about; keep up the water is about it.

I have been wondering how you were going with those Cherry trees. Don't mulch it yet! Give it another couple of years at least to do it's thing. 

Who else bought one?? Can't remember - there were maybe three of you.

The tree has an offer of a new home so whichever way it goes, it goes. Recall the tree was several years old when it arrived; the winters are just not cold enough and only 1 side has flowered so far anyway. The Raspberries are way more reliable so I'm replacing a reluctant performer with a seriously-fruiting plant I can rely on.

An one heard or country red cherry. Supposed to be a low chill cherry that will fruit with 300-400 chill hours (cooler parts of SEQ). That double grafted one does sound good on Daleys. That reckon under 200 chill hours have been successful...
Anyone heard of**

There are two double-grafts on Daley's website: Royal Rainer and Stella and mine which is Minnie Royal and Royal Lee. It is cooler in Kyogle where Daley's have their nursery. What may fruit down there may not fruit here. As far as I am concerned what Daley's say can be taken with a dose of salt. They are in the business of selling stock. In another micro-climate to mine, the Cherry I have currently may well perform properly. At my place it is a fizzer.

Oooh, I’ve been eyeing off this tree at Daley’s. Has anyone had any luck?


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