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Response from Scott to my several questions:

"In answer to your questions:

- we have the chickens on a friend's farm at a Narangba, which is 100acres.

- we are only a small producer, with 150 chickens currently on the farm

- we follow the principles and practices of Joel Salatin (Polyface farms)

- the chickens are in movable pens, which we move daily to fresh grass

- they are fed certified organic feed

- the 150 are split between 2 pens so 75 in each pen

- the stocking rates meet or exceed the expectations of free range if you allow for the fact that we move the chickens daily

- we do not use a certifying body as it would add too much cost directly to the cost of chickens

- we would prefer to be open with our practices through photos, etc and in the future, hopefully an open day for people to come out to the farm

- we are producing now and will be taking chickens to the processor on 13/3 so this batch would be available after this date

If you are still interested, let me know and we can work out the best way to arrange delivery/pickup."

Don't know price but if it's anything like the certified organic ones available from the organic shop at Redcliffe, would be vicinity of $20-30 each for a whole one.

We might give it a whirl. Even the super exxy ones don't taste all that marvellous. Everyone who rears meat chickens commercially uses those white Cobb ones with the large breasts (such dry meat) and little flavour. Anyway, might have more info later on.

Thanks for following up on this one Elaine!

Did he say what variety of chook he uses (you would have mentioned if he had I'm sure)? Not paying $20 per bird :/ but let's see what he sells his for.

A visit would be a good idea.

No reply yet to my question about cost. I suspect Cobbs since no one can really make money using heritage breeds. Well, unless they supply the top-end gourmet market where price is no object.

This is the latest information, just received.

Valerie you may be interested for your buying group.

"If you are interested in pictures and more details on what we do there is more information on our website and also pictures on our Facebook page at "Local Pastures".

We are just using a Cobb variety, as you are absolutely correct that at this stage it isn't financially viable to produce a heritage breed type variety as they take twice as long to grow and consume more feed.  Our customer feedback to date has been extremely positive with some saying "it was the best chicken that they ever tasted" but obviously everyone has different tastes so that is up to the individual.

I agree that it can be difficult to afford the higher pricing for chickens like ours, however our higher costs are due to the fact that we focus on:
- animal welfare
- regenerating the land
- hand processing of the chickens

Our prices are $12.50/kg for a whole chicken and we do not currently offer cut-ups.  Obviously it depends on the total size of the chicken but a 1.6kg chicken is $20, so our prices probably range from just below $20 to a bit above $25 for a large chicken that many of our current customers buy to cut up themselves.

We usually sell our chickens through delivery to a buying group location, but currently only have two established locations at Ormeau/Coomera and Ipswich, plus Moggill Markets next weekend.   They can also be collected at Petrie on Saturday 15 March, between 2-4pm if people pre-order.  We do not have a store that sells our chickens as yet, so depending on people's location we may also be able to arrange delivery as we are aware that at the moment we don't have enough locations to make it easy for people to pickup."

Although the certified organic chickens from Inglewood via the organic shop at Redcliffe work out at around $30 per bird for 1.5kg-plus, we got 8 serves from the one bird.

Oh, I realise I crossed wired in the organic meat thread recommending another grower but thinking in my head of these guys.

I've placed an order so will see how good they are. Due to pick up my first portion of the order next Saturday 15th.

Can't beat it for locally produced and they are making a big effort to rear organic chooks in a humane fashion.

Loving my chook Scott! :) Very, very happy with the quality and will be back to buy more.

Will just have to use up all the various chook in my freezer first.

Thanks Lissa - that is good news.  We are always happy to get positive feedback.

Can you keep us informed when you have the next lot ready to be bought please Scott.

Hi Lissa,

We have fresh chicken available this weekend (Saturday) or alternatively next option will be weekend of 3rd May.



I still have quite a lot in the freezer and should be good until the lot after these two dates. Thanks Scott.

Hi All,

Just to let you know that we will have another batch of chickens available this weekend.

Let me know if you are interested!




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