• That was my second keriberry! I lost a few plants earlier this year, despite watering.
  • Hey Angela,

    Mine died too in the heat.  To be fair to the poor thing, I had planted it in the ground next to my hot metal shed and didn't really look after it.  

    Oh well,  my motto is to try something new if it doesn't succeed. 

  • My keriberry DIED! I don't know why. Its in moist soil and the inside of the canes don't look diseased. Anyone had any experience with this fruit..... Is it worth my while replacing it? How did yours go Susan?
  • I grew up among blackberries and would go picking every season they ripened.Even fell into a blackberry bush once and had to lay there until I was cut out.

    Around Daylesford the local alcoholics used to  work as 'blackberry bashers', collect and sell the fruits -- then turn up at the pub covered in slashes and scratches, like a bunch or war wounded.

    So I gather keriberry tastes like black berry?

    But it can go feral and is easily dispersed...

    • Daley's says it tastes like something between a raspberry and a blackberry and that it has been cultivated commercially in New Zealand. It can get weedy.  If I had known that thornless blackberry does OK here I would have got that instead,  but alas I have no room now.  Anyway I already have black mulberry which is delicious (not that I get much fruit for the tree has been very slow growing.  I hope to keep my keriberry to a manageable size by pruning. 

  • I grew the Atherton years ago when I first started gardening and I loved it but that grew wild and I ended up getting rid of it.  Many regrets led me to get a new one but I didn’t have it in a good position (too much shade near bamboo) so it died. Going to get another plant and put it on the farm soon.  Yeah, my last sentence meant that it didn’t seem too wild. Well 18 months huh? Maybe I’ve been too hard on the poor thing and it might come good soon? Fingers crossed 

    • Was the atherton that died the one in a half barrel you mentioned in a previous post? Is the fruit good for fresh eating?  How big is your keriberry?  My atherton is still only tiny but you are welcome to some cuttings when it gets bigger. I am trying to decide whether to squeeze my atherton into a 1m by 0.5m spot in the garden with root barrier around it, or put it in a pot. I don't want a garden monster but I don't want to grow something that only gives a tiny bit of fruit. I have been obsessed with trying autumn bliss raspberry again (last effort was woeful but it could have been in the wrong location) - smaller plant which might be a better size for that garden spot. 

  • You're amazing Susan, is there anything you haven't tried, and all in a suburban yard! The tag on Daley's website says it takes 18 months to fruit. Sorry don't understand the second last sentence. Did you mean to say it doesn't seem to grow out of control? How is your atherton raspberry going? Have you tried any other raspberry cultivars?
  • Hi Angela, I’ve started to grow it, been in the ground about 1 year. No fruit yet and doesn’t seem hatbwild. But I wouldn’t go on my experience, I could have a dud 

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