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Just a warning for those people who got a bag of compost from the biennial green waste kerbside collection..

I've got a bag a couple of months ago, and use the compost mix in with some coir (acidic) to repot my neem, curry, and bay trees, also top up the nursery tubes growing my longan seedlings. I've used a little bit of crushed shells in the bottom of the pots for drainage.  I noticed the leaves on all of them except for the bay trees have gone yellow and the neem was losing leaves.. 

At first I thought it was coz of winter, but it's been warming up lately and they still look yellow and stunt.  So I tested the PH... 

My chemical PH testing kit's range goes from 4.5 (yellow-orange) to 7.5 (green), and I got the deepest green I could get from the soil in the pots.. probably more than PH 7.5.. no wonder the trees were struggling.. except for bay which tolerate soil of up to PH of 8....

So, if you've got a bag of compost from the council, be careful how you use it...

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Thanks for the heads up Florence, hope you are feeling okay.
Thanks Donna, I am feeling okay, except that I can't go out and garden although it's a nice day outside and I am at home ^^"
hmm, interesting. I shall raise this at work.
I think the PH maybe higher than 8, I just noticed the new bay leaves are showing signs of iron deficiencies... probably need a better PH test kit that goes higher...
am reporting it at BCC - an accurate pH reading would help - but it would be much better if it wasn't that high, surely
am looking up Australian Nursery Standards for Compost etc but can't find the specs
I've called the Call Centre and they are talking to the relevant area. they're going to register it as a complaint so it can be looked at - I think they're proud of the compost service and they don't want it to be bad for customers, so hopefully it will be fixed up. will keep you posted if i hear anything more - they took my details as the contact point
Thanks Scarlett. :)
I have used council's compost before without any issues. It's probably just this particular batch, but I thought I should warn someone else to test the PH first before determining how to use it just in case..
We put our garden waste out a year of so ago and never received a bag of compost : ( Maybe they didn't have enough to go around. Hope you can sort out your trees.
They left it on the kerbside after the green waste collection a couple of years ago.
This year they suppose to give you a voucher for you to pick it up from one of their depots on a designated date. I didn't get the voucher, so I rang up the council and they sent one out to me... not sure when they changed their method of distribution though..
i think people grab them too :(
maybe that's why they might have changed how they distribute like Florence says? I don't know, we haven't had one for several years round here
i hate how they want you to go into the depots (eg for battery and mobile phone recycling) - like i haven't got anything better to do with my weekends than drive for miles to wait in a hot line of cars...? they're dreaming...
our backyard banana pawpaw greenwaste pit means we never need to go to the dump or pay money for greenwaste at all - I'm astonished that everyone doesn't have one!
Everyone doesn't have the space! I'd have one in a trice if I could.


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